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Issue: "Iraq: The WMD debate," Feb. 21, 2004

Alien racism

In considering the possibility of intelligent life existing on some other remote planet, the most compelling argument against such a possibility is that Jesus Christ holds an eternal place in the Godhead as the second person of the Trinity, truly God and truly Man ("God & man on Mars," Jan. 24). I don't see any room in this formulation for intelligent life that is nonhuman. They would have no representative in the Godhead such as we enjoy in the person of Christ, and would be eternally excluded from any such relationship. Talk about discrimination.

-Daniel Wieberdink, Andover, Minn.

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Gene Edward Veith makes a fairly sound apologetic for space travel, but we hear over and over in the news media that the purpose is to prove life existed on other planets, i.e., Mars, as further proof of evolution. I can think of a lot of things I'd rather see my tax money used for.

-Bob Newman

Sierra Vista, Ariz.

Regarding Mr. Veith's article: Encore!

-Mark Weislogel

Tigard, Ore.

Quiet heroes

My mom has volunteered for the local crisis pregnancy center for as long as I can remember, responding to the helpline, washing baby clothes, praying with clients, and encouraging me to become a part of this awesome ministry. Many other unsung heroines give of themselves to show Christ's love. Thank you to them and to Mr. Olasky for pointing them out to us ("Quiet heroism," Jan. 24).

-Rebecca High, 15

Maple Park, Ill.

Two to one

Regarding Janie B. Cheaney's excellent column on the demise of lasting marriages in the church, "The great desired" (Jan. 24): There is a disturbing willingness on the part of pastors to marry divorced people and Christians to attend weddings of divorcees. Didn't Jesus say that to marry a divorced woman is to commit adultery? Does it really matter that a divorcee is more compatible with the current partner or that they are both Christians? Unless there was physical infidelity or abandonment by a nonbelieving partner, the two are still one in God's eyes.

-Noel Adams

Cedar Park, Texas

I stayed with my first partner for 15 years before he finally left. At least 10 of those were mental torment but I stayed because I used to believe that God would cease to love me if I left my husband. Seventeen years on, my only regret is that I waited so long before getting out.

-Christine Stibbards

West Midlands, U.K.

When I read the column, I said, "Right on!" I have counseled too many friends who tell me that they just can't do it anymore, that God doesn't want them to live like this, even that God has given them "a peace to divorce" their husbands. Thank you for adding another tool to my box.

-Stephanie Ferguson

Broken Arrow, Okla.

Pass the Plato

A heartfelt "thank you" to Mr. Veith for his insightful comments on the Healthy Marriage Initiative ("Platonic proposal," Jan. 24). The gospel alone can transform lives, and governmental education will succeed now no better than it did in Plato's day.

-Susan Beisner

Pembroke Pines, Fla.

New Democrat

In fulfilling his plan to nullify the opposition, President Bush has adopted many of the Democrats' policies, such as steel tariffs and campaign finance reform. The Democratic party should nominate him as their candidate, as proposed by Mr. Veith ("Bush league," Jan. 24). This would allow the Republicans to nominate their own candidate.

-Peter Brown

Elmwood Park, N.J.

Simple complaint

I was pleased that you quoted my statement on behalf of the America First Party regarding Mr. Bush's immigration policies, but you misspelled my name-it's John Hey ("Border clash," Jan. 24). Not that it matters much, but I hate it that my friends won't know it's me you're calling "rabid." How sad that the rule of law and the Constitution are so little regarded nowadays that a conservative journalist feels free to brand as "rabid" a simple complaint that the law has not been carried out.

-John Pittman Hey

Greenwood, Miss.

A hopeless god

I watch Joan of Arcadia every Friday night that I'm home, and I was angered by "God's" comment that he is found in all the world's religions. This insult to Christianity stung until I read "Joan's God shows up in prime time" (Jan. 24). I realized that the show opens most of America to Christianity in ways I could never have imagined.

-Marissa Lynne Hopkins

Vancouver, Wash.

How can you be excited about this show if it portrays nothing about who God really is and how much He cares for us? Without the cross, our God becomes just another god offering no hope to the secularist or the believer. Christians should cringe when our Creator is portrayed in such a light.


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