"Sports" Continued...

Issue: "Considering the heavens," Jan. 24, 2004

After adding 38 New York Yankees wins and over 400 innings to their pitching staff, the Houston Astros seem ready to blast off with their very own Rocket. Space cliches aside, by luring Roger Clemens out of retirement, the Astros added their second top-notch Yankees pitcher this off-season. Mr. Clemens, who will be 41 next season, said the opportunity to play in his home state was simply too alluring to stay retired.

The Angels, a one-time penny-pinching franchise, loosened its purse strings to land possibly the biggest fish in the free-agency market. Signing young outfielder Vladimir Guerrero to a long-term contract surprised many in baseball and signaled a real commitment by the Angels to keep playing for the World Series.


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