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Issue: "Roe v. Wade @ 31," Jan. 17, 2004


Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd is from West Virginia (Technology, Dec. 27/Jan. 3, p. 46). The obituary on Carl Henry should have noted he became editor of Christianity Today in 1956 ("Man knows not his time," Dec. 20, p. 9). The map on pp. 20-21 of the Jan. 10 issue was color-keyed incorrectly. Minnesota is one of the three "most improved" states. Missouri and Texas are among the most protective and most improved.

Thanks to John Piper and Marvin Olasky ("Bilingual & bicultural," Dec. 13) for stating so clearly an accurate biblical response to the cultural change we are seeing in America and the world. I recently realized that the injustice and decadence of our culture angered me so much partly because I feared losing the comfort zone which I as an American Christian have enjoyed for so long. The comfort zone is quickly shrinking and there is no biblical basis for the belief that it will return. Before we lose our ability to be salt and light, let us forsake the powers of the world and rediscover the power of God. As Mr. Olasky points out, it does not need a supportive environment in which to flourish. - Doug Campbell, Vancouver, Wash.

Manager's choice

I work as the receiving manager at the local Barnes & Noble Booksellers and I am pleased to see that we now carry WORLD in our newsstand. I have enjoyed reading World over the years and I am pleased to see that others will have the opportunity to be exposed to a Christian worldview of the news as they browse. I hope they will be as challenged as I have been by the excellent, thought-provoking articles. While I may not always agree with every word, I enjoy the opportunity to gain a different perspective of the news and I am always challenged to examine my faith and principles. - John R. Gerringer, Milford, Mass.

Open our doors

"Refugee refused" (Dec. 6) delineates well the stringent admissions process that ensures that people admitted to the United States as refugees do not pose a security risk. The drastic reduction in refugee admissions, spurred by misplaced security concerns, has had the tragic effect of denying refuge to victims of religious persecution such as Sudanese Christians, Tibetan Buddhists, Christians in China, Iranian Bahais, and Coptic Christians in Egypt. As a country that has a tradition of honoring freedom of religion, now is the time for America to open its doors to those who seek it most. - Chantal Agarwal, Arlington, Va.


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