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Issue: "Roe v. Wade @ 31," Jan. 17, 2004

Excellent choice

Phillip Johnson was an excellent choice for your Daniel award ("Daniel of the Year," Dec. 13). More than any other person in the last decade, he has motivated serious, respectful dialogue among scientists about Darwinism and the major evidential problems that scientific research in this area has revealed during the last century. This is an important topic and one that is central not only to the Christian faith but to all theistic faiths. - Jerry Bergman, Archbold, Ohio

Another home run for WORLD in choosing Phillip Johnson "Daniel of the Year." This timely, continuing public awareness of the Intelligent Design movement should hasten the obliteration of Darwinism and improve the science taught to our children in the classrooms. - H. Eugene Eslinger, Green Bay, Wis.

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I have ended my subscription to WORLD because of your stance regarding former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore. The icing on the cake was your naming Phillip Johnson as "Daniel of the Year." While I admire his work, he did not walk away from a six-figure income, a pension, and risk scorn and ridicule to the degree that Judge Moore has. You should have named Judge Moore "Daniel of the Year." - Bryan Mion, Valrico, Fla.

I am encouraged to learn of Phillip Johnson's efforts. A friend and I were discussing the Museum of Natural History's presentation of evolution as fact rather than theory. We share Mr. Johnson's concerns and are troubled by the dangerous misconception presented to so many who visit the museum each day. As a member of the scientific community, I am faced daily with the mindless acceptance of evolutionary theory and the disregard for the logical reasoning that points to an intelligent, involved, creative, and loving God. I look forward to studying Mr. Johnson's material. - Jennifer Wilson, Washington, D.C.

A better quote

In your Dec. 13 Quotables & 'Toons (which I love), I hated to see Patricia VanLester patronized for her claim she was trampled at a Florida Wal-Mart. The best quote came from a Wal-Mart spokesperson: "We're going to investigate this claim as thoroughly as we have investigated the other 10 claims that this woman and her sister have brought against us in the past." - Bill Wilson, Ridgeland, Miss.

Weep and serve

I was deeply moved by John Piper's excellent column, "Brokenhearted joy" (Dec. 13). It was one of the clearest expressions of how a Christian should live in this world that I have ever read. Mr. Piper helps us avoid confusing the holy kingdom of God with the common, profane city of man by reminding us that the best guard against utopian delusions (by Christians or others) is not to smirk at the world but to weep and to serve. - John Yenchko, Oyster Bay, N.Y.

I was delighted that you chose a person involved in the creation movement but was disappointed in your selection. While Mr. Johnson has contributed much to the creation-evolution debate, hailing him as "Daniel of the Year" is like interviewing the man who dusts Michelangelo's "David" rather than talking to the artist. What of Dr. Henry Morris, the man who laid the foundation upon which virtually all creation organizations, speakers, and writers have built? - Samuel Bavido, Claremore, Okla.

I have mixed feelings about a potential victory for the Joshua Davey lawsuit. I am glad he may be able to access public funds to further his education. However, the other edge of this sword would grant equal access to students wishing to pursue Islamic studies at Islamic institutions. - Darwood F. Roller, Waxhaw, N.C.

I disagree with Mr. Veith. Many people and firefighters have died because of unsafe structures. The emergency egress requirement for bedroom windows allows a firefighter to crawl through a window with oxygen tanks on his back. The Amish and others who think building codes are silly might want to consider the other lives they put at risk. - Gregory S. Cox, Bryan, Texas

It's no surprise that some evolutionists are finally awakening to the last gasps of their terminally ill theory, thanks to Phillip Johnson's intellectual and professional courage. The people who really have some explaining to do are the Christian leaders and college professors who have been compromising God's clear account of creation in Genesis. They, as Paul warned Timothy, should have rejected "what is falsely called knowledge" years ago. - Michael DuMez, Oostburg, Wis.

Risky windows

Regarding the column about the Amish and the window panes ("Window pain," Dec. 13): I also live an Amish lifestyle and the Bible clearly teaches us to obey the laws of the land as long as they don't go against the teachings of the New Testament. - Gideon Yutzy, Rexford, Mont.


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