'We're playing hardball'

"'We're playing hardball'" Continued...

Issue: "Gay marriage backlash," Dec. 6, 2003

Former Austin Mayor Bruce Todd, a Planned Parenthood supporter, branded that tactic "economic blackmail." But Loyola University economics professor Walter Block points out that liberals are themselves prodigious employers of economic pressure. "Unions are forever boycotting [nonunion] businesses, and lefty independent booksellers refuse to sell conservative books. It's pretty much the same type of folks who are now whining [in Austin] about economic extortion.... If these people are opposing boycotts, they're hypocrites."

The success of the Austin boycott has sparked the interest of STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood), a division of American Life League in Stafford, Va. Jim Sedlak, who founded STOPP in 1985, said Mr. Danze's strategy is especially effective: "It's unique and we want to export it." Mr. Sedlak plans to visit Austin to pick Mr. Danze's brain-then pass along his battle plan to pro-life activists in Madison, Wis., where a new Planned Parenthood clinic is in the planning stages.

Mr. Danze told WORLD he hadn't expected to be able to force Browning Construction off the Planned Parenthood job. But it happened. Now he won't predict whether the boycott can stop the Choice Project for good. But he's hoping: "The Austin community is wide awake to Planned Parenthood now. We're playing hardball. Serious hardball."

Lynn Vincent
Lynn Vincent

Lynn is a senior writer for WORLD Magazine and the best-selling author of 10 non-fiction books.


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