The nation

"The nation" Continued...

Issue: "Year in Review 2003," Dec. 27, 2003

But pagan groups started bombarding Mr. Towey and newspapers with examples of what they considered help, and The Washington Post dutifully gave them a press megaphone: "Pagan Pride groups have collected 74,000 pounds of food and donated $51,000.... A West Los Angeles pagan community of about 1,000 people ... collects food and personal-care items for the homeless."

The year ended with faith-based initiative leaders needing to do a better job of distinguishing compassionate conservatism, which is challenging, personal, and generally religious, from "compassionate liberalism," which emphasizes material redistribution. Another basic problem also remained: Just as Jewish groups are unhappy about their tax funds potentially going to Christian groups, so many Christians do not want their tax funds potentially going to support overt paganism (as opposed to the usual, more subtle variety).


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