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Issue: "Lord of the Rings," Dec. 20, 2003

Mr. Olasky's fourth lesson of pushing the GOP to take biblical positions on marriage and abortion is akin to whitewashing a sepulcher. Christians must stop throwing away their votes on Republicans who never act decisively on promises, and adopt the long-term vision of supporting candidates and emerging political parties who are anchored in an explicitly Christian moral framework and fidelity to the Constitution. Meanwhile, they should work to transform their communities through the only biblically sanctioned agency of community welfare-the church. - Ricardo Davis, Woodstock, Ga.

Regarding Sen. Coleman's refusal to comment on whether Al Franken would run for Minnesota governor in 2008 because he doesn't "do comedy" ("Quotables," Nov. 22): Sen. Coleman shouldn't worry. Al Franken doesn't do comedy either. - Kim Acree, Las Vegas, Nev.

Inane thinking

I was startled to anger when I opened the Nov. 22 issue and found a full-page ad proclaiming, "Don't Let Them Put God in the Closet," referring to the Ten Commandments monument. Does our God inhabit a chunk of carved granite that can be wheeled in and out of storage? Is God now in the dark, incapable of divine intervention and, if need be, divine retribution? Perhaps this kind of inane thinking and emotion-based pleading has allowed our detractors to believe that they have won a victory. Perhaps we should mourn for our nation's spiritual condition, fight these battles as our conscience dictates, and then care for the widowed, the poor, and the needy. - Marty Taylor, Prosser, Wash.


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