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Issue: "Lord of the Rings," Dec. 20, 2003

No kidding

"They're not kidding" (Nov. 22) splendidly summarizes what I've known for a long time about the left. The way they attack the right (particularly Christians) reminds me of how my brother used to antagonize me and then say he was only joking when my parents discovered what he was doing-only this is much worse. - Paul Hair, Dillsburg, Pa.

The monument debate in Alabama is not over a hunk of rock but over the nature of federal judiciary power and its constant encroachment upon the powers of the states. - L.R. Petolicchio, Lancaster, Pa.

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The upside of bloggers is that they can expose the deceptions woven by traditional media, but what about the downside: Who will hold the bloggers accountable for their reporting? - Kevin Braun, West Chester, Pa.

Whose voices?

WORLD rightly wants Iraq to have freedom of religion and sees conflicts between this and Shariah ("The growing pains of freedom," Nov. 22). But any culture built on a compromise between worldviews sets limits on the degree of freedoms offered to differing viewpoints. The question is not, Should we have freedom of religion? but, Which viewpoints will be welcomed as acceptable voices and which will be suppressed? To simply denounce Shariah as discriminatory is to follow the lead of many secularists who denounce any religiously based moral restraint as intolerant. - Greg Voth, Rocky Hill, Conn.

"They're not kidding" makes it clear that not only are conservatives often hypocritical but also thin-skinned. Apparently it's OK if conservatives skewer liberals (e.g., Rush Limbaugh) but it's suddenly horrifying when the tables are turned. - Rick Nowlin, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Al Franken calls President Bush's compassionate conservatism "the biggest lie of all." Such comments show a huge disrespect for the leaders God has ordained for our good. - John Kaiser, Holland, Mich.

Missing the point

You received quite a bit of mail regarding your coverage of Pope John Paul II's career ("Mailbag," Nov. 22). I think some folks missed your point. WORLD makes it crystal clear in every issue that you are "biased" in favor of a Protestant viewpoint. That you wrote an article praising a man for courageously sticking to his Judeo-Christian values and heritage is not to say you agree with every tenet of his creed, but simply that here is a man who is salt in the world. - Genie Ragin, Cumming, Ga.

Letters on law

Bill Pryor did an excellent job of prosecuting former Chief Justice Moore before the judiciary ("No regrets," Nov. 22). His zeal for the law and his work against Mr. Moore demonstrate that he is more concerned with the letter of the law than with the moral basis behind its existence. He missed the forest for looking at the trees. - Paul Froede, Montgomery, Ala.

Bad law should not be followed and Judge Roy Moore stood by the law to fight it. Thank God for men like him. - Jon Koula, Westby, Wis.

No life

While "Better things to do" (Nov. 22) brings out a truly shocking media trend-that young males are watching less television-the guess that they may be "getting a life" is probably too generous. They have increased their internet usage and video gaming astronomically, as shown by the advertising dollars chasing young males as they slump toward continuous entertainment. - Shannon Stowell, Monroe, Wash.

Bird blogging

In my lifetime of birdwatching (mostly east of the Mississippi, north of the Ohio) I have never seen a catbird sitting high ("Blogging on," Nov. 22). They usually skulk in scrub and brushy borders, more often heard than seen. The Online Etymology Dictionary quotes James Thurber (1942): "Sitting in the catbird seat meant sitting pretty, like a batter with three balls and no strikes on him." No doubt Red Barber thought his situation was "sitting pretty." Thanks, though, for the definition of blog. I now feel a good deal less out of it. - Stan Hoke, Indianapolis, Ind.


I enjoyed Marvin Olasky's column, "Ring worms" (Nov. 22). I pray that President Bush and the Republicans will not alter their course for political reasons. - Anne Robertson, Bothell, Wash.

Reluctant decision

You hit the nail on the head with the last line of "Corpse TV" (Nov. 22), that "TV is now desensitizing its viewers to death." Just the evening before reading the column I told my bride that CSI was desensitizing in its graphic details. We enjoy the show but the graphic scenes of body parts and projectiles piercing bodies are too extreme. We have reluctantly decided to forgo watching this program. - Tim Armstrong, KcKinney, Texas


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