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Issue: "Daniel of the Year 2003," Dec. 13, 2003


Let me congratulate WORLD for paying attention to independent artists like Belle & Sebastian and Death Cab for Cutie (Best-selling CDs, Nov. 1). The typical consumer knows not what to do with bands that don't easily slip into industry categories, but often blaze paths for future artists and deal lyrically with more substantive issues. - Bob O'Bannon, Ferguson, Mo.

Full authority

I strongly disagree with the views of the UN on the rights of the child ("UNfit parents," Oct. 25). I believe that the parents have full authority to discipline their children, including spanking. Fortunately for the United States, we did not sign the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We are not likely to have any bans like that anytime soon. However, if we do not remain aware of this situation and do not act quickly, who knows what will happen to us? - Michael Garofalo, 14, Woodstock, Ga.

Long past due

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As a former Episcopalian I read "The last straw?" (Nov. 15) with sadness and anger, but I was not surprised that the ECUSA went ahead with the consecration of sodomite Gene Robinson to the office of bishop. It is long past due for biblically orthodox Episcopalians and conservative parishes to come out from among them. A mass exodus of the faithful may mean unsavory litigation, loss of earthly property, and the scorn of the world, but it is time for faithful, confessional Episcopalians to make loyalty to Christ a higher priority than earthly goods and prestige. - Geoffrey Willour, Toms River, N.J.

Terri's choice

As a Christian physician who teaches medical ethics, I was disappointed with "A chilling precedent" (Oct. 25) about the plight of Terri Schiavo. Your story suggests that she would not be able to open her eyes and look around or be fed by spoon and swallow if she were in a vegetative state. Patients in a vegetative state can do both. They are awake but not alert; they are unconscious. The video clips on Terri's website suggest that she may be alert. If she is alert, feed her by mouth. But if she truly is permanently unconscious and would not have wanted to be kept alive in her present condition, her wishes should be honored. - Alvin H. Moss, Morgantown, W.V.

The first thing I noticed about the Nov. 15 cover photo was the eyes of the soldier. As a veteran, I recognized in those eyes the look of one who has seen too much death for such a young man. This soldier will probably sit with his back to the wall for many years to come. - David E. Hill, Emmaus, Pa.

I read of the ongoing situation in the Episcopal Church with keener interest than I would have six months ago, before I embraced Anglicanism. Though I am grieved by the blatant sin, I remain hopeful that the generation coming after me does want orthodoxy. - Laurie Neumann, Naperville, Ill.

Name power

We read "Brand names" (Nov. 15) with interest. My husband and I wanted our children's names to be meaningful and reflect their Christian heritage. Our now 3-year-old daughter, Christiana, was named from the classic allegory Pilgrim's Progress and can also mean "the Grace of Christ." We had three previous miscarriages and knew that we had this baby only through the grace of Christ. We chose Anastasia, which means "resurrection," six months before our second daughter was born-without a heartbeat. It took a couple of minutes of resuscitation for it to return. Over the next few days, as she clung to life, we thanked God for His resurrection power. Anastasia is now 4 months old. - Chuck & Anni Welborne, West Lafayette, Ind.

Those silly tickets

I expect the parking tickets piled up by some diplomats have as much to do with culture as they do with diplomatic arrogance (Quick Takes, Nov. 15). In some countries I've been to, anywhere is fair game for parking-the sidewalk, the middle of the road, you name it. This failure to understand cultural differences may help explain, for example, why some cynics, whose cultures don't include America's sense of compassion, accuse us of going after oil in Iraq. And I expect that more than a few diplomats can't understand what all the fuss is about with those silly parking tickets. - Lewis Codington, Sheffield, England

It's difficult to understand the visceral hatred of President Reagan that seems to consume liberal elitists of the Hollywood left ("CBS wrongs Reagan," Nov. 8). Barbra Streisand, her husband, and others seem bent on destroying the reputation of one of our finest presidents. This is a rewriting of history, designed to bias sentiment against this great man. - Rodger A. Schwind, Walnut, Ill.


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