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Issue: "Gay marriage backlash," Dec. 6, 2003

Fraud exposed

It was so refreshing and encouraging to finally see an honest exposure of paternity fraud ("Daddy duped," Nov. 8). It is time for a thorough examination of the legal doctrine, social philosophy, and public policy that has supported the dissolution of our families and the draconian impact these have had on men and fathers. - Randall L. Dickinson, Ballston Spa, N.Y.

Fly fan

Whoa! Patricia Cornwell's latest novel, Blow Fly, is typical of her Scarpetta novels: tightly woven suspense featuring major characters from past novels, all wrapped together in a gruesome manner (Bestselling Books, Nov. 8). It is in no way below the standards of her previous novels. Yes, Blow Fly might be confusing to a new reader but certainly shouldn't be to one who has read her previous work. - Jeanie Frasch, Milford, Mich.

All image

Gene Edward Veith's "Flex the brain" (Nov. 1) was spoken with prophetic clarity and cogency. We are indeed becoming a nonreading society. Read? Reflect? Discuss? That is asking too much. We are an image-driven society, and with what images TV fills our minds! As Christians we must resist this addiction. - J. Clifford Van Dyken, Dundas, Ontario

Life support

We live in a society that cares more for a litter of puppies than it does for human beings, who are regarded as "weeds" to be plucked from existence if they do not measure up to a particular standard both physically and mentally ("Terri's fight," Nov. 1). We must strive for a society that values all human life and does not seek the easy way out through the destruction of it. - Mark Thoburn, Winchester, Va.

It seems obvious that the husband's only concern with Terri Schiavo is her money, which is why he has not divorced her, left her to her family, and moved on. I deeply pity him, as his greed has overtaken his judgment. - Lisa Bouldin, Concord, Va.

It appears to me Terri died about 13 years ago. Since then, through modern science, it has been possible to keep all her major organs functioning without having to transplant them into someone else's body. I and my wife have signed living wills to prevent such a spectacle being made of our remains. - Duane Hartline, Rotonda, Fla.

Refreshed Aggie

I am a freshman at Texas A&M and really miss WORLD from home. Imagine my delight during a study break to find WORLD online. It was refreshing, with all the information bombarding me every day, to read solid conservative articles. - Natalie Rizvi, Cypress, Texas


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