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Issue: "Gay marriage backlash," Dec. 6, 2003

The problem with Gen. Boykin is not Gen. Boykin at all but journalists like Mr. Arkin who promote their own brand of religious fanaticism. Is this a surprise in a postmodern world? What the general said was well put, personal, and he has every right to say it. - Tim Leever, Goldboro, N.C.

I was disappointed that the columnist quoted in "Rat Pack Republicans" would portray George W. Bush as a frat boy. He is probably our most devout president in the last 100 years. - Scott Harris, Mayfield, Ky.

Kudos to Marvin Olasky for his clear identification of our nation's main political problem. When our nation began, power was decentralized and people took greater responsibility for their own actions and the need to help others. But the sin inherent in each of us began the process of centralization, seeking power. For power does not corrupt; it merely provides opportunity to exercise the corruption already within us. Those who would centralize power to exercise their own corruption have worked themselves into all levels of authority. - James Patrick Jones, New Braunfels, Texas

All the fun

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I vividly remember, some 20 years ago, when my future wife and I agreed that one parent would always be at home with the children. I offered to quit my job, when children arrived, so she could pursue her career in education. "Oh no," she replied, "you don't get all the fun!" We have never regretted that decision. It is encouraging that more women recognize that pursuing a career is not the opportunity for success many would have them believe ("A powerful force," Nov. 8). - Larry D. Ruddell, Spokane, Wash.

Heart of ashes

I walked through circumstances, thoughts, and emotions similar to what Lynn Vincent described in "Calinferno" (Nov. 8), although my home and area were undamaged. I took refuge at my brother's apartment in Seal Beach, where the air was also smoke-laden. My sister-in-law told some co-workers, who were complaining about the annoying ash falling on their cars, those were not just burned-up trees but "the ashes of someone's home." Though distant from the tragedy, she saw the heart of the matter. - Linda West, Rancho Bernardo, Calif.

Uniform code

As a former Army officer, I have a fairly good grip on military culture. Gen. Boykin spoke the truth ("Unfriendly fire," Nov. 8). However, he erred by making his appearance and remarks while in uniform. There is a long-standing prohibition against giving the appearance of using your standing in the military for unofficial uses, such as a prop in a religious or political speech. The good general would have avoided most of the controversy if he had made his appearance and comments in civilian attire. Violating this rule can unduly influence junior soldiers and give the impression that the government endorses the comments. - Stuart Brogden, Houston, Texas

The president's repudiation of General Boykin's comments on Islam should remind evangelicals that-the clamor about the president being a Christian notwithstanding-he is a politician at heart. Certainly President Bush has to make politically expedient decisions, and we laud his efforts to advance Judeo-Christian values. But at the moment of decision, he chose to appease the court of men. Perhaps now churches will understand that their role is that of a prophet, not a herald or mascot, to the king. - Terrence Richards, Suitland, Md.

Rat race

Hoorah! Finally someone has addressed the sham of the Republicans backing Arnold Schwarzenegger ("Rat Pack Republicans," Nov. 8). Mr. Veith is so right. I was appalled when President Bush went to California to endorse him. - Bonnie Clark, Lansing, Mich.

Smell of death

The column on the high stakes of winning elections really hit home for me ("Winning is everything," Nov. 8). I have a relative who positively "hates" George Bush, clearly supporting the pollster's quote about the strength of Bush hatred. It would clearly seem irrational, especially from one who identifies with neither major political party. May I add to your list of causes for political hatred that President Bush carries the light of Christ in him. According to the Apostle Paul, Christians are the fragrance of life to those being saved but to others they are the smell of death. To those of us who also know the Savior, Mr. Bush is filled with light; to the others, he is an affront. - Elaine Neumeyer, Big Canoe, Ga.

Well deserved

The mini-series on Ronald Reagan is a huge insult to one of our greatest presidents ("CBS wrongs Reagan," Nov. 8). I am glad you exposed it. The show got what it deserved in being sent to pay-per-view. - Jonathan Randolph, 16, Winter Springs, Fla.


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