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Issue: "California's wall of fire," Nov. 8, 2003

Real Islam

Daniel Pipes is right that our enemy is not Muslims or terrorism but the religion behind them. However, his solution, "moderate Islam," will go nowhere. His "moderates," by explaining away the verses in the Quran that advocate violence, throw away almost 1,300 years of traditional Islamic theology and exegesis for novel and higher-critical approaches. It is like saying that the liberal wing of the PCUSA and the American Episcopal Church represent real Christianity. Those of us who take the Bible seriously would be upset at such a suggestion, just as many Muslims are angry at Mr. Pipes. - Allen Pritzlaff, Atascadero, Calif.

Weekly pokes

It's not hard to believe that Kelsey Grammer is a closet conservative ("Cutting-room floor," Oct. 11). Frasier takes weekly pokes at the stuffy "Arts & Croissants" crowd by portraying two psychiatrists who are egotistical, self-centered, vain, extremely self-conscious about their social standing, and willing to hand out advice to anyone who will listen but whose own lives are a mess. That's about as good a depiction of guilty liberals as you can get. - Jon Hodges, Richardson, Texas

Bigger idiots

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"Recall" is a misleading term for the software update for Segway scooters (Bits & Megabytes, Oct. 11). The update can be applied yourself or a technician can come to your home. The problem was not a design flaw but the fact that when you design for idiots, a bigger idiot will come along. The manual warned that when hitting a bump with a low battery, the device might not get over the obstacle, meaning it would rotate forward and the rider would hit the ground face-first unless he was coordinated enough to step off at a run. Too many people did not take the big flashing warning light seriously, so with the new software update the machine reduces its maximum speed when the battery is low. - Stuart D. Gathman, Fairfax, Va.

Need to no

Please continue your candid interviews, provocative articles, and reviews. How else am I to hear? Never give in to those who long for their ears to be tickled or have decided they don't want to know what is going on. - Edwin Bullock IV, Omaha, Neb.

Citizens, too

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender couples are patriotic, hard-working citizens who pay their taxes and support their country the same as any other American. They love each other just as deeply and their commitment to one another is just as resolute as it is for heterosexual couples. Marriage is a major building block for strong families and communities. Denying marriage to homosexual couples weakens them and their families ("Something to scream about," Oct. 11). - Brian Curbello, Astoria, N.Y.


The quarterback pictured on p. 35 of the Oct. 18 issue (Sports) is Drew Bledsoe. In the Sept. 11 attack, three planes had five hijackers and one plane had four ("Sunlit soldier," Oct. 18, p. 15).

American heroes

Thank you for recognizing modern-day heroes of our American democracy such as Elia Kazan ("Proud defender of the American waterfront," Oct. 11) and Daniel Pipes ("Truth on terror," Oct. 11). Your recognition of "Daniels of the Year" such as Kenneth Starr and John Ashcroft is so needed. These are the people who truly suffer from blacklisting and smear jobs. - David A. Kloosterman, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Heart's desire

As a Jew who came to faith in Jesus 21 years ago, I share Marvin Olasky's disappointment that most Jews remain preoccupied with maintaining the number of adherents to Judaism ("An idea, not an ethnicity," Oct. 11). My college fraternity alumni magazine always includes a column written by the fraternity rabbi. Almost always the subject is maintaining Jewish identity and/or numbers. Hardly ever is God even mentioned. As with the Apostle Paul and, I'm certain, with Mr. Olasky, my heart's desire and prayer is that they may be saved. - Gerry Welsh, Little River, S.C.

Muslim people are victims of Satan's deception and need to be rescued. Moderate Islam is not the solution; Jesus Christ is the solution. - Bob Herring, Rose Hill, N.C.

I agree with Mr. Pipes and will even go a step further: Radical Muslims will continue to infiltrate Western, essentially Christian cultures until Islam reaches critical mass and then the all-out destruction will begin. I do not believe our leaders have the guts to pursue it in the fashion Mr. Pipes recommends. - N.J. Tavani, Altadena, Calif.

Faithful adaptations

I take exception to Mr. Veith calling the Visual Bible International productions of Matthew and Acts "low-budget visual renditions" ("Better get used to it," Oct. 11). We have used them for years and find them faithful adaptations of the word-for-word Scriptures, wonderfully cast and beautifully produced. - Janice Scott, Tucker, Ga.


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