The waiting is the hardest part

"The waiting is the hardest part" Continued...

Issue: "California's new governor," Oct. 4, 2003

By Friday when the sun was up and a brilliant blue sky greeted beleaguered storm survivors, the real work began. Homeowners from Morehead City, N.C., up into Maryland started taking the plywood off windows and cutting up fallen tree limbs. Baptist volunteers from South Carolina cleared the parking lot at Churchland in Chesapeake to clear the way for a South Carolina Disaster Relief feeding unit to begin serving relief workers. Darla Clifton said men from the neighborhood had been walking the streets with chainsaws cutting up fallen tree limbs: "It's really sad, but we met more people in our neighborhood the day after than we ever knew. And we've lived here for two years. When the power is back up, we'll have a block party."


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