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Issue: "John Paul II: In memoriam," Oct. 25, 2003

What a relief

Your article describing Hurricane Isabel and covering the preparation of the Southern Baptist Convention's North American Mission Board's disaster relief organization was excellent ("Isabel's slow march," Sept. 27). I have been blessed to be a part of the emergency child-care team since 1979. Thousands of people put in many hours training and maintaining equipment before a disaster occurs. - Cathe Phipps, Dallas, Texas

Back it up

If Mr. Belz is going to accuse the Bush administration of "many deceptions" concerning the war in Iraq, he should back it up with facts ("Too easy, too early," Sept. 27). My perception is that this administration works harder than any in recent memory to be honest with the American people. - Richard Avery, Stafford, Texas

Winning Wings

Your suggestion that the Detroit Red Wings, by signing Derian Hatcher to a large contract, are practicing a "win-now" policy or are giving no thought to the future of the NHL is flawed ("Hot wings," Sept. 27). Over the last decade the organization has consistently fielded a quality product and a winning team by both signing and developing talented players. The lack of a collective-bargaining agreement should not cause a team to pass on a chance to sign a quality defenseman and leader like Derian Hatcher to replace aging veterans like Chris Chelios and Steve Yzerman. Perhaps a better example of the "win-now" mentality might be the New York Rangers, where accountability from the ownership down through the organization has consistently been lacking. - Timothy Best, Kirkwood, Mo.

Buffet theology

I can understand why college students would find Anne Lamott's writing appealing ("'Like a puppy in a Christmas stocking,'" Sept. 20). Yet her "sugar daddy" description of Christ reminds me of the buffet-style religion of those who pick and choose a "God in your own image." Jesus is love, but how do you respond to the side of Christ that commanded that seas be still and pronounced woes on those who do not follow and obey? - Chris Tucker, Gaithersburg, Md.

Susan Olasky's interview with Anne Lamott was a breath of fresh air. Ms. Lamott represents those in our society who have been untouched by the gospel and who desperately seek something to fill the vacuum. - Walt Trukki, Fresno, Calif.


The Nicene Creed ("Anything goes," Sept. 6, p. 64) recited in many Western churches states that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. Eastern Orthodox believers state that the Holy Spirit proceeds only from the Father and point out that procession from the Son was not part of the original Nicene Creed. - The Editors


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