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Issue: "California's new governor," Oct. 4, 2003

Art appreciation

I really enjoyed the new look of the Sept. 6 issue. The changes in formatting and layout improve readability and allow quick access to each section. Your art team is top-notch! - Elisia A. Harvey, Grand Island, Neb.

Chief Justice Moore is not pushing at envelopes, strategizing, or choosing the most advantageous ground. He is simply giving God His due on the ground allotted to him. Mr. Olasky realizes Justice Moore is not using government power to force others to conform to biblical truth. But I hoped Mr. Olasky would recognize that Justice Moore is a Daniel who continues to honor God while in office, though it is forbidden. - George S. Whitten Jr., Greenwood, Miss.

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I would say we are living in a new Israel but under a U.S. Constitution redefined by liberal left-wing revisionists. The original intent of the Founding Fathers was to avoid a state church, but they did honor the Creator as "Nature's God" in all aspects of their lives including government rule. Our Founding Fathers would not have tolerated the last 50 years of abusive redefining of our freedoms and laws but would have said it is our right and duty "to throw off such a government." - David C. Keim, Dalmatia, Pa.

I, too, believe the courts should allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed in the Alabama courthouse. But there are many more strategic places to display the Commandments, such as where we work. "You shall not steal" should be on every ledger sheet we touch. We ought to place a stone sculpture of "You shall not commit adultery" in our bedrooms. How can we litigate so passionately in public when we love so passively at home? And "Honor your father and mother" should be in the center of our kitchen tables. Our TVs would be a good location for "You shall not covet." Protesting and picketing will ultimately accomplish less than confessing our greed to God. - Bob Rasmussen, Turlock, Calif.

We have no business tolerating this type of judicial overreach. If this turns into an absolute challenge of judicial authority, let it be. Judges have no constitutional right to judge laws; our elected officials should be the guardians of the Constitution. - Kerry Dougan, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Off the mark

As a Christian and Chinese expatriate, I found "The China syndrome" (Sept. 6) off the mark. Instead of focusing on the state of the church in China with its unique challenges and opportunities, the article depicts China as a failure of the spread of Western civilization. Admittedly, many problems do exist in the transformation process of Chinese society. However, we, as Christians, should learn something from Robert Morrison, who adopted traditional Chinese dress and lived like the Chinese, as opposed to judging another culture and nation from the perspective of Western chauvinism. - Xiaosong Xu, Ambler, Pa.

Milk money

After reading about the Harvey Milk homosexual high-school scandal ("Harvey wallbanger," Sept. 6), I must ask why aren't more high-profile Christian leaders, teachers, and preachers calling for believers to pull their children from this ever more pagan public-school system? Are leaders from the pulpit today reluctant to offend high-tithing or influential members of the congregation who work in or support it? - Bernie Diaz, Pembroke Pines, Fla.

I am a Christian who homeschools all six of her children. Most times we don't have two pennies to rub together, let alone gather $200-$300 for our total curriculum. Imagine my outrage that New York uses the tax monies of people such as myself to fund such a school. What I couldn't do with $19,000. - Cindy Y. Zimmerman, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Priest no more

I do not appreciate your references to John Geoghan, the pedophile recently murdered in prison, as "priest" since his defrocking eliminated that identification ("Man knows not his time," Sept. 6). The title "Rev.," used several times, is also incorrect. I find it interesting that when writing about legitimate clergymen you use "Mr.," yet when reporting about a criminal who disgraced his church you use a title that denotes respect. - Paul Kampa, Mifflinburg, Pa.

Holy daze

A double standard on art is not the only or most blatant example of the hypocrisy of the civil-liberties crowd ("An offensive work of art," Sept. 6). They want to ban God from every public place while they turn a blind eye to the National Parks Service policy of turning America's first National Monument (Devil's Tower, Wyo.) into a pagan religious shrine. NPS discourages climbers and other visitors during the "Native American" "holy days." - Allen Brooks, Sheridan, Wyo.


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