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Issue: "Marx isn't dead," July 19, 2003

Full immersion

Whether describing South America or, as in the last issue, Asia ("Focus on Asia," June 14), your special reports transport me to the region on which you're reporting. You immerse me in the region's culture, politics, religion, economy, and current events. In a word, you educate me. And for that, I'm grateful. - Troy Powers, Santa Fe, N.M.

Not only do revealing swimsuits cause men to stumble, but we girls struggle with becoming preoccupied with our own bodies; are our stomachs flat enough, and do our legs look perfectly sculpted? It can become almost a competition among girls-"I am skinny enough to wear this and look good in it. Are you?" This issue is a great reminder, as Peter wrote, that feminine beauty should come from a "gentle and quiet spirit." - Allison Platter, Bloomington, Minn.

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If Joe Maxwell had asked me why I used to wear skimpy stuff, I would have told him it's about power. Young girls have no clue what they wield in the mind of the looker, but they know they like it. Dangerous, isn't it? - Esther Ziol, Pasadena, Calif.

Public nakedness is shameful, and women, especially Christian women, who lead men to lust ought to be confronted with their sin. The men in their families who permit it ought to face their own responsibility. - Timothy Murray, Dublin, N.H.

Shame on Randall Terry for his attempt to finance his $432,000 Florida home with contributions from sincere pro-life people. Shame on Alan Keyes for allowing his name to be used in Mr. Terry's fundraising campaign. And shame on WORLD for renting its mailing list. No wonder my mailbox is filled with unsolicited appeals. - Janet E. McPherson, Whiteville, N.C.

Dire situation

Maybe the evangelical Christians around the table were too timid to call Islam what it is, but I am not ("Debating society," June 14). Islam is an evil and wicked religion, not because it was the excuse those murderers used to justify their deeds on 9/11, but because it leads its followers to hell. - Steven T. Loose, Dallastown, Pa.

Christian spokesmen must be able to defend what we know to be true without resorting to public use of pejorative terms. But, we need to encourage one another not to soft-peddle the dire situation of lost folk. - Stuart Brogden, Houston, Texas

Too soon

I agree, up to a point, with Cal Thomas's column "Starvation policy" (June 14). If all we have is biotech food, then send it to the starving. But because we eat it willingly, and have done so "regularly since 1996 ... all with no ill effects," means nothing. Ill effects do not necessarily show up quickly and seven years is a drop in the bucket. - Dayle Johnson, Amesbury, Mass.

More Grace

I appreciated the review of Grace at Bender Springs by Vinita Hampton Wright (Bestsellers, June 14). I am looking for books by Christians who are striving to leave the "literary ghetto of Christian bookstores," as you once described it. - Janet Abuhl Stroethoff, Missoula, Mont.

Learning to abide

I am so inspired by Andree Seu's column "What is the victory?" (June 7). When I'm having a hard time in my life, I am tempted to ignore God and not trust Him. This life is about learning to abide, to "fall into the arms of Jesus" no matter what. - Marjorie Rothermund, Oakley, Calif.

Create options

Staying home on Election Day is pointless unless we advertise it ("Prophet or politician?" May 24). A better choice is working to get an alternative party on the ballot. We must work prudently within the system, but we must not let Republican leaders believe that we have nowhere else to go. - Joseph Thornton, Austin, Texas


Turner Network Television (TNT) had no involvement in the production of Gods and Generals or a recent film about Benedict Arnold (July 5, p. 52). Also, the British general who became one of Jeff Shaara's characters was Charles Cornwallis.

Being there

My husband is an Army chaplain serving in Baghdad. Your article rang with truth and honesty that I have not previously seen in the news ("The thin green line," June 14). I could finally picture what our wonderful and brave soldiers are encountering as they perform their duty. My husband tells me the most important part of his ministry is praying for his soldiers going out on patrol and being available at all hours for those who are shaken up when they come in. Suddenly, I realize why it is so important for him to be with these men. - Katherine Hoover, Grunberg, Germany


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