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Issue: "Supreme warning," July 5, 2003

Love, the verb

Regarding "Christ and commitment" (June 7): I am tempted to believe that my generation has redefined and reduced love to a soft and fuzzy emotion, a feeling that happens when you follow your heart. Two precious gems recently placed in my life, aged 90 and 93, have forced me to believe otherwise. They spent over 70 years together because they took love to be a verb, not an abstract noun. In the blinding heat of their fusion I find my dim notions about love have somehow disappeared. - Alyce Loeser, 17, Rice, Va

Matrix repenting?

Andrew Coffin was too kind in his review of The Matrix Reloaded ("Program downgrade," May 31). For me, the movie crossed over the line from being boring and meaningless to sinful. The sequel made me ashamed that I was rabidly attracted to the first movie. In The Matrix Reloaded the "good guys" revealed a lot of dirty laundry and actively pursued soiling clean laundry, destroying their ability to be exemplary, inspiring, and soul-stirring. The coffin is already closed on the third Matrix movie unless they title it The Matrix Repenting. - Travis Cowan, Port Angeles, Wash.

Thinking sand

I proudly graduated from Calvin College in 1999 ("Shifting sand?" May 10). An important attribute that Calvin gave me is the ability to think for myself-thankfully, God grants us that ability-and to recognize that biblical teaching and right-wing politics do not go hand in hand. - David R. Timmer, Ann Arbor, Mich.


In addition to their birth daughter, Randall and Cindy Terry raised three sibling foster children but only adopted the two younger ones; the third by that time was already 19 years old (June 14, page 40). A Quick Takes item from June 14, page 16, should have read: "European racecar driver Bjorn Wirdheim must know how the hare felt after losing to the tortoise." - The Editors, WORLD


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