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Issue: "50 family-friendly movies," June 28, 2003

Regretting harm

Jane Roe wants to change history-again. Thirty years after pro-abortion attorneys used Norma McCorvey, then a pregnant 21-year-old carnival barker, to manufacture a constitutional right to abortion, Ms. McCorvey, the "Roe" in Roe vs. Wade, is seeking to reopen the case. Ms. McCorvey and her attorneys last week filed a motion with a Dallas district court under a rule that allows courts to reopen cases when new evidence emerges. Surrounded by about 60 women holding signs that said "I regret my abortion," Ms. McCorvey, 55, told reporters the Supreme Court's 1973 decision is no longer valid because of new scientific and anecdotal evidence that shows that abortion is harmful to women and children. American Center for Law and Justice attorney Jay Sekulow said the motion faces "an uphill challenge." Indeed, abortion advocates seemed unalarmed: Neither NARAL Pro-Choice America nor the National Organization for Women even bothered to issue statements. But Mr. Sekulow added that the motion will serve at least to "educate the public as to how the case was manipulated through the court system."


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