Bathing suits or birthday suits?

"Bathing suits or birthday suits?" Continued...

Issue: "Troops hunt for weapons," June 14, 2003

In a separate survey of 25 female college students done for WORLD by Christian psychologist Scott White of Belhaven College in Jackson, Miss., peer pressure and desire to look pleasing to the opposite sex surfaced as tremendous motivators in determining what young ladies choose to wear. Two-thirds of those polled said getting guys to notice them was a large motivator in how they dress, and the same percentage said they dress "to personally feel sensual or sexy regardless of others' reactions."

Yet, as Jeff Pollard, author of Christian Modesty and the Undressing of America, notes, sensibility runs counter to the long-accepted Christian belief in biblical modesty. America's fashion designers during the 20th century first argued from practicality that the full-body swimsuits once worn by men and women were too constricting. Then, a drive began to convince women that less clothing at the beach was better; unsurprisingly, men didn't argue. But more modest swimsuits than those displayed in many stores are available, at least via catalog; the question is one of will, not necessity.


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