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Issue: "Baghdad set free," April 19, 2003


Andree Seu offers beautiful, brilliant descriptions of a winter wonderland in her column "Snowstorm psychology" (March 22). - Joni Halpin, Allen, Texas

Imagine that

Imagine my surprise when my mom said to me, "Did you know [PGA golfer] David Duval has vertigo?" Well, of course I knew that, but how did she acquire access to such important news? WORLD magazine ("Around the horn," March 22). I am sure you will catch some criticism from those who believe that anything that appeals to the masses must be inherently evil, but I think it is great. - Elizabeth Cole, Bristol, Va.

Deals with evil

Once again someone upset with one of your articles wrote that she was "quite upset" by an illustration of a D&C abortion and canceled her subscription. She has the right to do that, and, yes, the illustrations are gruesome, but abortions happen several thousand times per day and people need to know what they are so their righteous indignation can stop them. I'm so grateful for a newsweekly that deals with evil and tells the truth. I've given WORLD to over 50 people over the last few years. - Meredith Berg, Hudson, Wis.

Virtuous reality

Kudos to Susan Olasky on her excellent interview of Paul Theroux ("'Agents of virtue,'" March 15). It is good to see a review of his latest book with an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. It was especially helpful to read his remarks about what turns him off about Christians, particularly his belief that people are innocent, not sinners, and that we are arrogant if we preach the gospel of salvation. I have had similar responses to my letters to the editor of our local paper. - Pamela Kae Ewing, Winthrop, Wash.

"'Agents of virtue'" reminded me of my teaching experience in Nepal. As the class and I were out for a hike we passed a bulldozer, worth perhaps $200,000, rusting on the side of a road. I mentioned how sad it was to see such an expensive piece of equipment going to waste. One of my students responded, "Why should we fix it? The next people will just bring another new one." - Ben Hungerford, Milwaukie, Ore.

A time to think

It was heartening to read "'Ultimate reality'" (March 15) and to see concepts like "hell" and "the wrath of God" discussed as realities themselves. While, as a pastor, these are not favorite topics of mine, these are nonetheless necessary topics. Recently, when I taught our youth on the need to be prepared for the afterlife, some of them asked me to stop because the discussion was unsettling to them. Yes, it's unsettling, but ignoring it doesn't mean it goes away. - Kent Scantlin, Fort Wayne, Ind.


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