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Issue: "Portable Pentagon," March 1, 2003

Many people don't want to know what you have written about abortion and many don't want anyone else to know. But I am proud to stand with you against this crime. Anyone with an ounce of decency can see that the baby you pictured on page 20 should be loved, not tortured and killed. - Marvin Ackers, Dodge City, Kan.

I am very upset at a situation created by your Feb. 1 issue. Yesterday morning my 11-year-old daughter brought me your magazine and showed me a graphic illustration of a D&E abortion. She was quite upset. Your magazine has robbed my daughter of some of her innocence and I will not be renewing my subscription. - Suzi Schneman, Farmer City, Ill.

While I agree that Lynn Vincent's article needed to be published, I would have appreciated a warning on the cover of this issue. - Leslie Walker, Terra Vista, Calif.

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Abortion is tolerated because the gruesome nature of the procedure is rarely discussed in mixed company. Even the abortion lobby is aware of the queasiness their supporters often have over the procedure. Your drawings revolted me, but please continue to educate people this way. Indeed, if ultrasound pictures can in part be credited with reduced abortions, so too perhaps can grisly, detailed photos of life being snuffed out in the name of choice. - Christian Farley, Clifton Park, N.Y.

In your headline, you wrote that this procedure "accounts for the deaths of thousands of other viable babies." We hard-core pro-lifers are very sensitive to the word viable because it implies that killing an unborn human after viability is somehow worse than doing it before. - Donald S. Smith, La Mirada, Calif.

I thought partial-birth abortion with its painful death for the baby was the new low. I was wrong; the D&E method seems slower and even more painful. The lies and hypocrisy are overwhelming. How can California officials disobey abortion reporting laws? It makes it hard to remember that our enemy is Satan and not the misguided abortion proponents. - Bob Ahlers, Fredericksburg, Va.

Thanks to them

Thank you for the article by J.D. Wetterling ("Tomcat top guns," Feb. 1). We often hear about the wonderful new advances in warfare technology, but we forget that someone has to be able to use this equipment. The Tomcat fighter pilots and their RIOs are teams that the country should be especially grateful for, as we should be for all the men and women who give their time, talents, and sometimes their very lives for the country they love. - Joyce Meyer, Jamison, Pa.

It was with great interest and pride that I read the account of an F-14 pilot, but I was shocked to see my own feeble role (I'm an engineer with GE Aircraft Engines) mentioned with disrespect. Our hero K-robb was in a plane with "an aging engine built by the lowest bidder." Ouch! As if these precision machines were not designed and built with tender loving care by Americans with fervent passion for their sons and neighbors who are Navy pilots. - Mike Paradis, Lebanon, Ohio

Just dumb

More dumbing down of America is a perfect explanation for such nonsense regarding our immigration/citizenship requirements ("Fear of commitment," Feb. 1). We have become so lax about protecting what the Founding Fathers established that it is no wonder there is such ambiguity as to citizenship, loyalty, and allegiance. People who do not desire to become an American citizen should have short-term visas to visit and then be required to return to their country of origin. - R.N. Roberts, Kilgore, Texas

In time of war, any citizen declaring allegiance to the enemy instead of the U.S.A. should not be allowed to stay in this country. Also, in time of peace, any person seeking dual citizenship should be legally obliged to agree that in case of a future war with the other country, either that person agrees to full allegiance to the United States or deportation. - Jeff Schicke, Wharton, N.J.

Carver high-er

I greatly appreciated Marvin Olasky's column on George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington ("Carver's affirmations," Feb. 1). It is a shame that these two worthy gentlemen have not been honored more. - LeNore C. Ketchum, Fleetwood, N.C.

I was delighted to read Marvin Olasky's tribute to George Washington Carver. He became my hero when I read about him in a 3rd-grade textbook I was teaching from. He knew what God had called him to do, and he never wavered. - Marian Woodhead, Lake Jackson, Texas


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