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Issue: "The cost of war," Feb. 15, 2003


The Jan. 11 issue included a list of the five best-selling non-fiction books (p. 22). - The editors

Regarding your comment, "As the Operation Rescue model has largely fallen by the wayside, activists are choosing compassion over confrontation": Please don't dismiss the effectiveness of Operation Rescue in saving the lives of babies and saving the souls of parents and sometimes even abortion advocates. Out on the street is where Jesus both confronted sin and showed compassion. We, too, can do both. - Angie Klarke, Decatur, Ind.

Definitely down

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Regarding the strategy of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) to place graphic anti-abortion billboards outside megachurches ("Shake up or shakedown?" and "Not dramatic enough"): Abortion is without a doubt a sin which the entire country must confess; but these extortion tactics do not glorify God. Rather than blackmail churches into giving money and support, CBR should work so that men would realize their sin and believe in Jesus Christ. In this way the great sin of abortion will come to an end. - Matthew Freed, Palmdale, Calif.

Debunking bunk

Thanks for the much-needed article by Gene Edward Veith ("Scholarly legends," Jan. 18). In my classes at Westmont College I have found that about 40 percent of arriving freshmen are persuaded that prior to Columbus's discovery, educated people believed the earth was flat. Historian Jeffrey Burton Russell, in his marvelous book Inventing the Flat Earth, traces the origin and perpetuation of this flat earth myth to educators with an anti-Christian agenda. Another myth that needs debunking is that Darwin made a deathbed conversion to the Christian faith; its constant repetition by Christians is an embarrassment. - John Wiester, Buellton, Calif.

Ghastly new low

For two years we've subscribed to WORLD and shook our heads in amazement as you covered such media trivialities as Lord of the Rings (sorry, but it's not a Christian allegory and Gandalf doesn't represent Jesus) and other movies, books, and music that Christian families should abstain from ("Lord of the box office," Jan. 11). Now you've sunk to a ghastly low and chosen to crucify Jack Whittaker for giving lottery winnings to the church ("The wages of sin," Jan. 11). Cancel our subscription immediately. - Scott & Karma Wilson, Bonners Ferry, Idaho

We would like to commend John Piper for his courage to stand up and call gambling what it is-sin. Gambling has so permeated our society and church that it's no longer considered a vice as long as a Christian does it. - Warren & Louise Reeve, Fruitland, Idaho

Filth and film

"Rating the ratings" (Jan. 11) insinuates that in order for Christians to be a part of "The Great Conversation," we must (in effect) see the "films that matter." I am not saying Christians should not engage the culture, but we need not wallow in the muck to do so. Let's not think we can feed ourselves on a diet of Hollywood filth and then abide in Christ unaffected. - Ryan Evans, Duvall, Wash.

Kid-shaped holes

After reading your Roe vs. Wade anniversary issue ("Thirty years of destruction," Jan. 18), one thing in particular stood out to me. From the graph of the abortions per year, I realized that around 1.5 million babies were aborted in 1986, the same year that I was born ("The parent gap," Jan. 18). I could only think about the kids who should be my age who didn't make it, and the emptiness that has been left where each kid should be. My generation didn't even get a chance to know millions of their friends, and for some, a chance to know their siblings. - Bethany Harding, Round Rock, Texas

The fact that women may legally terminate a life based on what is convenient for them has led to horrific consequences for innocent lives. The disposing of children is becoming commonplace in our daily news. When will we as a society make the connection between what is happening to the innocent now and the Roe vs. Wade decision 30 years ago? We truly do reap what we sow. - Shelli Rehmert, Gothenburg, Neb.

WORLD's abortion issue was balanced and well done. The burden of unplanned pregnancy seems to be put on the girl, but what about the other person responsible? Should he be let off completely free? - Bob Heimburger, Birmingham, Ala.

I commend WORLD for "Thirty Years of Destruction." It is important that we do not lose hope and give up the cause of the unborn. For 30 years our country has been deluged in blood, yet we should never get used to it and stop fighting against it. We need to pray for our president and other leaders that they will take a stand against abortion and not back down from all the pressure from the liberal media and others. - Seth Guess, Memphis, Tenn.


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