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Issue: "America's best & worst," Feb. 1, 2003

Joel Belz asked "How'd we do?" so here's my input. Before Mr. Belz claimed your colossal dereliction gained you credibility, I attributed your failure to report the Catholic child molestation scandal to cowardice. Apparently the problem is ignorance. Why else would WORLD compare institutionalized child molestation to isolated evangelical adult affairs? Why else would WORLD laughably presume to be able to take the Catholic Church to the woodshed? - R.G. Wilkins, Oklahoma City, Okla.


Bible prophecy scholar John F. Walvoord was president of Dallas Theological Seminary until 1986 and died on Dec. 20, 2002 (Jan. 11, p. 21). The new governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, supports legalized abortion (Dec. 28/Jan. 5, p. 28). - the Editors

Looking forward

As we begin a new year, I hope we reflect on the progress that President Bush's leadership has brought about in the last year ("2002 year in review," Dec. 28/Jan. 4). This progress came in spite of Democrat obstruction and delays. With President Bush's leadership and the new leadership by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, the compassionate conservative agenda is on track. I am excited about what the new Republican majorities, whom God has authorized to act on our behalf, will be able to accomplish in the year to come. - Chuck & Sheila Smith, Columbia, S.C.

It still burns

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The New Jersey Supreme Court ignored the law when it allowed Sen. Torricelli to be replaced on the ballot by ex-Sen. Lautenberg with only 36 days remaining before the election ("The Nation: October," Dec. 28/Jan. 4). This was done after Sen. Torricelli's poll numbers had decreased to where it was apparent he would lose. It would appear that the New Jersey Supreme Court overstepped its bounds, and they set a precedent whereby a candidate running for office can withdraw and be replaced by a more formidable candidate when poll numbers indicate a loss. - Robert Kellow, Waretown, N.J.

Good for debate

I really appreciated Andree Seu's "It's good for something" (Dec. 28/Jan. 4). Having had the same discussion several times lately, the thought of having it again is exhausting. The next time someone wants to debate the need for peace, the evils of war, and where God stands on the matter, I'll just hand them a Bible and that copy of WORLD. - Esther Hill, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Slew, who?

It was totally repugnant that you included Seattle Slew, a racehorse, in the obituaries of the year alongside some notables and many very distinguished individuals ("Obituaries," Dec. 28/Jan. 4). The only thing that could have made it worse would have been a picture. - Darrel L. Anderson, Wheaton, Ill.

Buzz away/buzz off

You compare WORLD to a mosquito in "How'd we do?" (Dec. 28/Jan. 4). We in Florida have fought mosquitoes for years. In recent years we've learned which ones carry encephalitis, West Nile virus, and a couple of other sicknesses. If you are a mosquito, I hope you have the impact those little fellers have had on us-not to make us sick but to cause people to take notice of your buzz. - David & Julie Brackin, Orlando, Fla.

Little more on Lott

I strongly disagree with Nickolas Eicher's assessment that Trent Lott must resign his leadership post for the good of the Republican Party ("Casting his Lott," Dec. 21). I suspect that after the unexpected mid-term losses, Democrats were desperately looking for something about Republicans to complain about. Had it not been Trent Lott, it would have been someone else. And, mind you, Mr. Lott won't be the last. I was glad for Rep. J.C. Watts's perceptive remarks that Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd is under no Democratic fire even though he used to be a Ku Klux Klan member. For conservatives to call on Mr. Lott to resign is to play right into the Democratic agenda. - Anna Bolz, Bowling Green, Ky.

I am very much disappointed in your approach to Mr. Lott. He has apologized and asked forgiveness for his "poor choice" of words. Why did we not accept his apology and go on with the issues that are at hand? - Jane Vineyard, Duluth, Ga.

You did not condemn Mr. Lott's gaffe on the basis of its menace toward a much-maligned segment of our people. Your concern with effectiveness-that a Senate leader who provided ammo for attacks on "racist Republicans" was compromised and that for the good of the GOP, Mr. Lott should resign his leadership post-was worthy of the best practitioners of expediency. For shame. - John D. Rosin, San Francisco, Calif.


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