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Issue: "30 years of destruction," Jan. 18, 2003

When you mentioned that Mr. Armey plans to remain active in public policy advocacy, did you realize he has suggested he might work with the ACLU? What's up with that? I regarded him as one of the "good guys" on Capitol Hill. He should not now start working for the "enemy." - Mike Southerland, Nashville, Tenn.

Deceived, flattered

I appreciated Joel Belz's comments in "Battle fatigue" (Dec. 14). We Christians need to realize that the Republican Party is not our "God-sent." Through deception and flattery the Republican Party continually seduces the Christian right. Once they have the election, they put us in the closet until needed again. Mr. Belz excuses our politicians in that they have a tough job in trying to please all the advocacy groups. I have to ask why Christians are voting for candidates who are trying to please men over God. - Ross McElvain, Ava, Mo.

Thank you for consistently "telling it like it is" rather than what is politically correct. I thought Cal Thomas's column on Islam proposed the most sensible solution I have seen on how to deal with the conflict between Christianity and Islam in our culture. - Larry Harkins, Penfield, N.Y.


While I appreciate WORLD's ability to review a Pearl Jam album without the mandatory respectfulness that the secular world seems to require, as a Pearl Jam fan I still disagree with the sweepingly negative tone of the review of Riot Act (Bestsellers, Dec. 14). Pearl Jam's fault lies not with its accurate depiction of human frailty but with its inability to insert Christianity as the answer. I think Riot Act is less the droning sale of depression than an honest assessment of their own beliefs set to excellent arena rock. - Justin Reese, Canton, Texas

Other views

As one of the participants at the "Evangelicals and Israel" meeting who were "not cautious in expressing their loyalty to Israel," I would like to offer an additional perspective ("Why pro-Israel?" Dec. 7). As president of Christians for Israel, I believe in the continuing validity of God's covenants to Israel and the Jewish people. As I recall, Serge Duss did not ask what to do about Palestinians generally but specifically, "What are you going to do about the Palestinian Christians?" My "limp" reply was, "That's a very legitimate question." We of Christians for Israel have supported, financially and otherwise, Arab pastors throughout Israel, including some of the most besieged (by the Palestinian Authority) residents of Beit Jella. - James M. Hutchens, Great Falls, Va.

Could part of the reason we Americans have been so blessed perhaps be that God chose to raise up a friend, an ally of great influence and clout for Israel? Could our continued grace be the outflowing of God's ancient promise to bless those who bless His people? Just a thought. - Joanne Couture, Lombard, Ill.


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