"Year-in-Review" Continued...

Issue: "Year in Review 2002," Dec. 28, 2002

The deal bought time for Saddam, but also restored support for Mr. Bush. Germany-with France the president's harshest critic-announced its "moral duty" to protect Israel. It will provide Patriot anti-missile systems for Israel's defense against Iraqi missile attacks. Turkey dropped objections to U.S. warplanes basing military assaults from its bases.

Little noted in the heat of war, Mr. Bush rescued retailers and gift-conscious Americans heading into the holidays. By executive decision, he invoked the Taft-Hartley Act to bring an end to a September labor dispute that shut down West Coast ports where one-fifth of imported U.S. merchandise arrives. The lockout and a slowdown by longshoremen set back retail shipments from Asia by weeks. Had Mr. Bush not acted in time, the shipments would have been delayed right past the holiday shopping season. If the campaign against Iraq makes Mr. Bush an enemy of world peace, at least the president did not stand in the way of Christmas.


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