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Issue: "Dick Armey's parting words," Dec. 14, 2002


court and culture

40 Points | The U.S. Supreme Court decided to take on cases that touch on sensitive social issues. Front pages of newspapers led with the Supremes' decision to accept a challenge to the University of Michigan's policy of using racial preferences in admission to its law school. Most didn't highlight a study by the Center for Equal Opportunity that found that median SAT scores for black students who were admitted to the UM, Ann Arbor undergraduate program were 230 points lower than for whites. But social conservatives will be watching how the highest court rules on Lawrence vs. Texas, a challenge to a Texas state law that makes sodomy a crime for homosexuals, but not for heterosexuals. The opinion is expected to revisit (and liberals hope overturn) the 1986 decision in Bowers vs. Hardwick upholding an anti-sodomy law in Georgia. If homosexual activists win the case, pro-family groups worry that they will use the victory to push for the legalization of gay marriage and gay adoption.


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