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Notable Books | Five books for or about physical or spiritual children

Fields of Fury

CONTENT A slender, illustrated volume on the Civil War, by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian McPherson.

GIST Each two-page spread of this beautiful children's book deals with a different topic related to the Civil War. On pages devoted to particular battles, the facing page may contain a detailed map, a photograph taken at the time, a drawing, or a portrait of a significant figure. Mr. McPherson's text captures the drama, personalities, and issues at stake.

The Kingfisher Treasury of Classic Stories

CONTENT A collection of chapters from some of the best-loved children's books.

GIST Some hesitant readers consider a book guilty until proven interesting. This collection, which includes illustrated chapters from more than 30 classic children's books (including Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh, Heidi, Pippi Longstocking, The Jungle Book, and Treasure Island) provides a big enough sample to whet a child's appetite for the actual books.

From Conception to Birth

CONTENT A coffee-table book that uses new technology to produce inspiring photographs and images showing life inside the womb.

GIST It has become harder and harder for pro-aborts to ignore the humanity of the unborn child. This volume, which begins with an explanation of human reproductive anatomy and includes some exasperating Darwinian prose, nevertheless testifies to God's awesome power as He knits a baby together in the mother's womb.


CONTENT Through photographs of pregnant women, new moms, and their babies, Ms. Geddes makes a statement about the wonders of pregnancy and the value of children.

GIST Because this book contains some nudity, it is not for everyone-but its subtext is that pregnancy is beautiful and babies are wonders. Ms. Geddes poses babies with their often-nude (but usually strategically covered) mothers in poses that blur the distinction between born and unborn babies.

Is God Past His Sell-By Date?

CONTENT This book is intended for the spiritually infantile: agnostics, atheists, and others who sneer at God or doubt His existence.

GIST C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity is a wonderful book, but some students today consider it quaint; this well-written, basic apologetic by another British author is thoroughly up to date. Mr. Blanchard explains why the Bible is credible and Darwinism incredible, shows how to examine the significance of life, and discusses the question of where God was on 9/11.

In the spotlight

New book, "From Conception to Birth," demonstrates complexity of unborn babies.

A generation ago maybe an ignorant person, depressed and desperately looking for a way out, might have imagined that Planned Parenthood's propaganda was true: Honey, don't be concerned, it's just a mass of tissue, just a thing, just a fetus. Now, the headlines within From Conception to Birth, a beautiful book designed for a general audience, proclaim in capital letters, "THE FIRST CELL: UNIQUE BEING" and "WELCOMING A NEW LIFE."

This is a great book for a crisis pregnancy center to have. It shows how, at 21-23 days after conception, "with astonishing speed--out of nowhere, it seems-more and more new and complex structures arise, each more sophisticated and refined than the last." Those in doubt can see the headline, "SO EARLY," and see fingers appearing at six weeks. They can see "TEETH AND OTHER WONDERS." And there's not an explicit anti-abortion statement in the entire book. Just the facts, ma'am.


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