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Issue: "Year in Review 2002," Dec. 28, 2002

As a federal employee for 17 years, I have worked with numerous government contractors and it has been my experience that outsourcing is typically a waste of my tax dollars. Furthermore, after examining past evidence, it is clear that improved efficiency and cost reduction from "contracting out" are nothing but myths. - Tony Hall, Kyle, Texas

Land of the free

In his column on why America should continue to have open doors to immigrants, Marvin Olasky forgot to mention the large numbers of illegal immigrants who are on the welfare rolls, overloading our medical facilities, and whose children fill our schools, all courtesy of American taxpayers ("Don't close the gate," Nov. 23). Until the magnet of welfare and free services is taken away, millions more will continue to come. Who will pay then? Until Mexico accepts its financial responsibility for its citizens who come here illegally, the border should be closed and illegal aliens deported. - Claire Hernandez, Los Angeles, Calif.

WORLD at work

I greatly appreciate the excellent articles in WORLD. Thank you for being unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a refuge to be able to read WORLD online at work (during lunch, of course) where I often feel alone among unbelievers. - Chrystal Hayes, Dallas, Texas

Heart rock

My thanks to Gene Edward Veith for stating what I have believed all my life, yet am hesitant to discuss with many of my fellow conservative brethren because of the controversy it can create ("Like a rock ... musician," Nov. 23). There is no difference between the God-given ingenuity that led man to invent the electric guitar or the electric typewriter. It is what is produced with either the electric guitar or the electric typewriter that can be evil or edifying, depending on the heart of the user. - Rachel Nydam, Northbridge, Mass.

Give me a break. "Like a rock ... musician" really misses the beat when the writer says that "CCM is really a vocation." Not. It's big business, as Chevrolet's interest shows, and every bit as crude, carnal, calculating, and cash-oriented as all of rock music. - Ken Brooks, West Redding, Conn.


I was literally nauseated by your recent cover story whitewashing the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of Allende and the subsequent reign of terror by Pinochet in Chile ("A warmer Chile," Nov. 9). Moreover, your abbreviated history of Latin America completely ignored atrocities in countries such as Guatemala (Timeline, Nov. 9). - Michael Nacrelli, Clackamas, Ore.


In Joel Belz's Dec. 7 column, "Why pro-Israel?" Serge Duss of World Vision was erroneously quoted as asking, "What are you going to do about the Palestinians?" Mr. Duss's actual question was: "What are you going to do about the Palestinian Christians?"


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