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Issue: "A warmer Chile," Nov. 9, 2002


arms are for inspecting

76 Points | The United Nations inched closer to the U.S. position: an insistence on a tough new regime of arms inspections in Iraq. After talks with Security Council members, Secretary of State Colin Powell said the council was moving toward agreement on a new resolution, which Iraq had pledged not to accept. On the question of how long the United States would wait to see how a new round of inspections were faring, Mr. Powell said: "We understand that it will take time and the president understands that means that we will have to wait for them to do their work and complete their report." When UN inspectors report, the United States would take part in a Security Council debate on what to do next and could work for a second resolution authorizing force. But TeamBush refuses to be bound by the UN: The United States reserves the right to take action against Iraq without UN approval if the Security Council refuses to respond to a clear Iraqi violation of the UN disarmament requirements.


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