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Issue: "A warmer Chile," Nov. 9, 2002

Daschle's bargain

Thank you for your expose of Tom Daschle's political history ("Mad Daschle," Oct. 12). As a South Dakota radio news reporter in the 1980s, I interviewed Mr. Daschle on several occasions and found him pleasant and engaging. I only wish that voters in my home state could see that the earnest and soft-spoken Tom Daschle they sent to Congress in the late '70s is not the same Tom Daschle in Washington today. I will never understand South Dakotans' schizophrenic voting habits, putting Republicans in state offices but sending ultra-liberal Democrats to Washington. - Ron Burtz, Virden, Ill.

I am a long way from being a Daschle supporter, but your article appeared to be a mean-spirited attempt to minimize him by implying less than honorable character, motives, and actions. - Ted Ludlow, Southampton, Mass.

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How are you mongrels doing with your attempts to assassinate the character of Sen. Daschle? I think I'll start a magazine and use Republican Tom DeLay as fodder. You're the destroyers of capitalism and democracy of the lowest form. - Molly Moloney, Bellevue, Wash.

Why did you ignore the role of Linda Daschle, Tom Daschle's wife, as a corporate lobbyist? She represents firms that are often direct victims or beneficiaries of legislation her husband votes on. - Brad O'Brien, San Antonio, Texas

"Lucky" Lili

Hurricane Lili was coming at Louisiana like a roaring lion, but it moved onto land more like a pussycat than a lion. WORLD quoted Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster as saying the storm was "the real deal" and he was "hoping for some divine intervention" ("Lili leashed," Oct. 12). He got divine intervention, but after the storm he was quoted as saying that "we got lucky." Got lucky? Why not give thanks and praise to Divine Providence, the One who controls the storm? - John McWilliams, Montgomery, Texas

Means and ends

Thank you for the excellent article on NOW vs. Scheidler ("Perjury," Oct. 5). It highlights the extent to which some lawyers will go to win a case. I hope this article gets the attention it deserves. - Charles D. Smith, Chicago, Ill.

Thank you to Lynn Vincent for a very well-written article. The world needs to know that the baby killers will resort to lying, even under oath, to keep their profitable killing mills operating. - Tom Nee, Oak Lawn, Ill.

Lynn Vincent did an excellent job reporting on the upcoming Supreme Court hearing. This is a case of monumental importance for the First Amendment rights of us all. In the earlier trials I sat through some of the arguments and was amazed by how the plaintiffs could make statements that were lies. The most strident of the abortion-on-demand people live by an "end justifies the means" mindset.
I know the defendants and couldn't ask for a better trio to defend the rights of pro-life activists to lawfully participate in saving lives. - James Finnegan, Barrington, Ill.

A valuable dime

Thank you for "What's the difference?" (Oct. 12). It amazes me to think that someone would say there's not a dime's worth of difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. Just the abortion issue alone is enough cause for distinction, and that's worth a lot more than a dime. As long as there is a man or woman in Congress who works for the right to life of an unborn child, they'll have my vote and support. - Glenda Rice, Brierfield, Ala.

Mr. Olasky accuses Democrats of dishonesty but the GOP has practiced the same. Wouldn't it be appropriate to acknowledge that it is God who prevented the bad things Mr. Olasky claims would happen under Democrat leadership? Do we have any business promoting any party that refuses to stand on the Word of God? - Barry Anderson, Tacoma, Wash.

Over the years I have heard many people say that there is no difference between the parties. Since they don't know much about the subject and are too lazy to figure it out, they claim moral superiority by putting themselves above the fray. There is no doubt that things would be much worse if the leftist Democrats were totally in power. - Larry Bohannon, Houston, Texas

The big difference between the two political parties is the judges they appoint. Look at the state Supreme Courts in Florida and New Jersey, and the 9th Circuit Court. Republicans usually appoint judges who uphold the law while Democrats appoint activist judges who change laws to their liking. - Merv Sommers, Cochranton, Pa.

You left out one issue that might be the most important to many voters: gun control. It is almost certain there would be little or no private ownership of firearms in America if the Dems ran everything. - Tom Zangrilli, Chicago, Ill.


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