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Issue: "The 2002 vote," Nov. 2, 2002

Diez y seis, catorce

WORLD's "¡Grande Old Party!" (Sept. 28) captured well real issues in the lives of real Hispanic Americans, and how the GOP is a much more natural fit for the country's largest ethnic minority. But it incorrectly said "both parties will have 16 Hispanic candidates running for Congress in November." Republicans are fielding 16 Hispanic Americans in congressional races across the country, while Democrats present 14. More Hispanics are running on the GOP ticket-and more Hispanics are voting on that same ticket-than ever before. The Republican Party is proud of the strides made with Hispanic voters and candidates, and Hispanic voters are proud to step in the voting booth and punch a ballot that has a Hispanic surname with an "R" next to it. We expect to grow the number of elected Hispanic Republicans and expand the majority in the House-and Hispanic Americans will be a major part of our success. - Danny Lopez Diaz, National Republican Congressional Committee Washington, D.C.

Right readers

It is encouraging to hear that your good journalism is having an impact, such as when American State Department officials noticed your earlier story about the Sudanese refugees ("A Sudanese solution?" Sept. 28). I use WORLD to pray for everything that is going on. Praise God for the impact He is having on our nation and world through all of us working together. - Brian Schwartz, Nashville, Tenn.

Unhappy preview

Thank you for "Diversity or else" (Sept. 14). I am a 17-year-old homeschooled junior planning to attend college. This article helped open my eyes to what I may face if I attend a state college. The fact that college diversity facilitators try to "help white freshmen own and overcome their inborn racism" says these colleges don't care about anything you feel or believe in; it says who you are is wrong and it's up to them to "fix" you. Their assumption that all whites are racist also aggravates me. - Garrett Weikel, Houston, Texas

Treasures in hell

I disagree with John Mambo, an official with the Church of God in Zambia, that preaching condom use is a good idea ("Elementary principles," Sept. 28). Those who use condoms for sex outside of marriage are trying to sin without consequences. For a church to instruct parishioners in the use of condoms for this purpose is like advising people to avoid punishment on earth so they can store up for themselves punishment in hell. - Adam Kauk, San Jose, Calif.


Robert Torricelli, who ended his New Jersey congressional Senate campaign amid ethics controversies, is a Democrat (Oct. 12, p. 8).


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