Border patrol

"Border patrol" Continued...

Issue: "Jim Talent: Majority maker," Nov. 23, 2002

The United States limits family reunification to immediate relatives only and makes that its third priority, not its first-but U.S. officials acknowledge that Canada isn't the only country with a dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy. Congress passed a new law this past spring and is likely to take up more reforms early next year.

Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), co-sponsor of the immigration measures, said he believes both countries can go further to improve security without shedding their heritage as havens for the truly homeless and tempest-tossed. "It's very easy to close the door," he said. "But that would be compromising our values in ways that will hurt us over the long haul." He emphasized the need "to find a balance between security and protection of asylum seekers. So we should not go for easy answers."


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