Underwater railroad

"Underwater railroad" Continued...

Issue: "False witnesses?," Oct. 5, 2002

More ominous was the warning that came this month to Norbert Vollertsen, a German physician who spent 18 months living in North Korea with the German aid agency Cap Anamur. Mr. Vollertsen now travels throughout Europe and the United States, testifying to the horrors of life under Kim Jong Il. On Sept. 13, the German embassy in Seoul warned him that North Korean or Chinese gangsters were attempting to "eliminate me, and make it look like an accident," Mr. Vollertsen says.

He says he has no intention of letting such threats slow him down. He and others like him intend to deprive the world of the chance to say, "We didn't know." As Edward Kim writes in The Chosun Journal: "When reunification happens, and it will happen sooner than people think, and the atrocities become more openly apparent, and the war crime trials ensue, I must confess a certain hope. I hope that the do-nothings of today will experience unspeakable shame."


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