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Issue: "Who is Tom Daschle?," Oct. 12, 2002


fleeing the storms

65 | Isidore struck first, piling up inch after inch of rain, softening up the ground for Lili's air attack. Before Lili made landfall in the United States, though, she hit a patch of dry air and cool water that dropped her from a very dangerous Category 4 to a relatively smaller Category 2 (see sidebar). Hurricane Isidore first hit land in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, killing at least two in that country and dumping rain blamed for the deaths of at least four in the United States. In Clarksville, Tenn., a motorist who drove around a barricade into a flooded road was found dead. The vehicle was submerged in eight to 10 feet of water. "It had its emergency flashers on," reported police Lt. Gene Grubbs. "That's all they could really see." The greatest U.S. damage from Isidore came in Louisiana, where State Farm Insurance expected at least $25 million in claims in the state alone (and that was prior to Lili). As Isidore was hitting the United States, Lili would pound some of the same Caribbean islands Isidore had already stricken, killing at least seven in Jamaica and St. Vincent.


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