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Issue: "GOP: No room for error," Oct. 19, 2002

Frightening inaction

"Collateral damage" (Sept. 21) by Mindy Belz should awaken the conscience of Christians everywhere. One would think that articles uncovering such cruel persecution of African Christians would tear at the hearts of Americans and prompt them to demand that our government take more than token interest in such situations. The parallel to the plight of Jews during Hitler's expansion of the Reich, and the inaction of the rest of the world to offer them refuge, is frightening. Perhaps politicians today would do more if they could see some political benefit in opening doors to the persecuted Sudanese. - Douglas Adee, Artesia, N.M.

Watch them

Gene Edward Veith's assessment of the current TV fare on cable is accurate ("Cable's bill," Sept. 14), but I would like to comment on the concluding remark: "Watch for more taboos to be broken ... Or, better yet, don't watch." As a television writer on a very successful (but morally questionable) sitcom, I have noticed that TV executives don't respond to what isn't watched as much as they reluctantly take note of what is watched. If Christians want different kinds of shows on the air, we have to watch and support (that is, notify the networks and-more importantly-the advertisers) those shows, rather than just not watching the shows we don't like. - Dean Batali, La Crescenta, Calif.

For shame

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Shame on California pastor Rick Warren, who by claiming an $80,000 housing allowance provoked a crisis threatening the tax exemption for pastors of more modest means ("Endangered exemption," Sept. 21). One can only wonder how much Rev. Warren has to spend on other necessities. Shame on the church for tolerating such wretched excess in its leadership. - Barbara Curtis, Purcellville, Va.

Divisive diversity

We shouldn't be at all surprised that "divide and conquer" diversity training tactics are imposed on spiritually vulnerable and impressionable freshmen ("Diversity or else," Sept. 14). Those on the left, in control of college administrations and ideology for decades, know that if they can win the hearts and souls of adolescent Americans, they can win the culture wars and control America for decades to come. - Bill Caldwell, Elizabeth City, N.C.

Many years ago I went to a U.S. Air Force "social actions" training session, where a black female tech sergeant helped us discuss and demolish a lot of stereotypes. By the time we went to lunch together we had somehow coalesced into small, integrated groups. The politically correct are interested in highlighting our differences, like blue eyes vs. brown eyes, and do nothing to get us to interact and learn to enjoy each others' company. What they are doing looks a lot like what we used to call race baiting. - Erik Barr, El Paso, Texas

Friends in deed?

Despite evidence to the contrary, the Bush administration continues to view Saudi Arabia as our "friend and ally" rather than financiers of international terrorism, bankrolling terrorist organizations, and putting up reward money for the families of suicide bombers ("Friends like these," Aug. 17). When are the politicians on Capitol Hill going to open their eyes and see how the Saudis are trying to buy influence in our politics? When are lawmakers going to take steps to free us from dependence upon Arab oil? - William Harper, Elburn, Ill.


As an avid baseball fan I remember well Hoyt Wilhelm and his mysterious knuckleball ("Making a ball 'dance,'" Sept. 21). He was also a fine Christian gentleman and a true credit to the game. I enjoyed your article and the clever way in which you blended the world of science with God's Word. - Don Thomson, N. Huntingdon, Pa.

While no one knows what a knuckleball will do, it most assuredly does not "loop" toward the plate; that might describe a twelve-to-six curve. The best verb we can come up with for the knuckler is shimmies. It dances, darts, dips, and dives, in no particular sequence. Nailing the well-thrown knuckleball with an apt descriptor is about as futile as tagging one with a bat. - Bob & Micah Yarbrough, Lake Villa, Ill.

That was then

In 1998 Sen. Daschle was all for enforcing UN Security Council sanctions. Now he isn't so sure (Flash Traffic, Sept. 21). What has changed since then? Saddam Hussein has had four extra years to murder innocents in his country (including family members) and four extra years to develop weapons of mass destruction (some of which he has already used on his people and others). Any rational person who thought there was sufficient reason to go to war then would certainly think there is more than enough now. Voters should remember this in November and not allow Sen. Daschle to play politics with our national defense. - Ronald Purvis, Spartanburg, S.C.


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