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Issue: "Who is Tom Daschle?," Oct. 12, 2002


One of the Ohio state school board's proposed curriculum rule changes is supposed to "reflect that evolution is a theory only" (Big bang in Ohio," Sept. 14). This is unfortunate wording. In scientific usage, a theory is an idea for which the evidence overwhelmingly favors its acceptance. Given the many gaps, contradictions, and alternative explanations in the evidence cited for evolution, it should be referred to as a hypothesis-a proposed explanation used as a framework for examining evidence. - Paul Bade, Mankato, Minn.


I am saddened at the situation in California, but not entirely surprised ("When liberals seize a state," Sept. 7). Friends and relatives who live there tell me that they, too, are dismayed. However, some of these vote the "straight party ticket" and have always voted Democrat. It is difficult to comprehend why Christians will vote for candidates that advocate abortion, the homosexual agenda, and restrictions on Christians. As a result they elect their own oppressors. - David L. Driver, The Dalles, Ore.

Out of the bunker

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"Diversity or else" surely shows the hypocrisy and double standard of the politically correct, who demand tolerance of everything except Christianity and Christian values (Sept. 14). However, I am afraid that some Christians will adopt a bunker mentality and withdraw from participation in such institutions. The way to recapture the field is not to abandon it but to engage the world. We need our young people at those institutions doing battle on the front line, not isolated in "safe" havens. - Mike Jackson, Montgomery, Ala.

Thanks for being courageous enough to print "Diversity or else" (Sept. 14). You are correct that the ideology and the methods of "diversity" educators are coercive and horrifying at times, like Maoist re-eduction camp practices. This same ideology and coercive tone is also penetrating Christian college campuses. In two Christian institutions where I have taught, faculty were forced into "Racial Reconciliation" workshops. Ultimately this meant being labeled and stereotyped as "racist" simply because of our skin color. Students also are barraged with similar messages. "Multiculturalism" is a linguistic Trojan horse that is working its way into unsuspecting communities. Sadly, it can never produce the positive relationships between cultural groups that it apparently seeks to accomplish. - Andrew Gess, St. Paul, Minn.

One of the diversity administrators you quoted in "Diversity or else" noted that educated people are taught to be "tolerant and open-minded." Christian authors David Mills and G.K. Chesterton pointed out that having an open mind is meant to be like having an open mouth. The idea is to let in fresh air and sustenance but close it on something solid. Never closing it may appear hip and modern, but then it just collects bugs. A true liberal education is meant to develop a person's ability for honest critical thinking. It seems that the American educational system, from grade school through the universities, has become the enemy of a liberal education instead of its defender and transmitter. - Steve Breitenbach, Libertyville, Ill.

It is a sad commentary on academia today when an alumnus (Amherst College, 1950) has to learn of his alma mater's continuing decline into post-Christian immorality from WORLD rather than from the college, where such practices are either not disclosed or sanitized. - Ray Vigneault, Houston, Texas

It was revealing to learn that diversity trainers are destroying any morals or values an incoming freshman may have previously been taught and replacing them with politically correct thinking. When a college does that, it ceases to be a public servant and becomes a public manipulator. - Amanda Pearson, Rockford, Ill.

"Diversity or else" was right on target. I taught Western Civilization and World History courses at a state university for three semesters, and I was appalled not only at how little the students knew of historical Christianity but also how strongly some of them expressed disdain at any mention of God and religion in the courses. The "diversity" and "toleration" indoctrination administrators preached in no way addresses the real problems evident in higher education: violent and disruptive student behavior in and out of classrooms and administrative pressure placed on professors to kowtow to dumbed-down standards because their money-lusting colleges admit students who can barely read and write. - Paulette Buchanan, Colchester, Conn.

Talent spotting

When parents send their kids off to a secular four-year university without a clue as to what their child will major in, it suggests that they have not paid attention during the growing-up years to things like discerning talent. As Marvin Olasky points out, this is crucial to career choice ("Talent is on loan from God," Sept. 14). Similarly, what is wrong when parents, who are footing the bill, suddenly have no say about where their child will attend college? They stand back, wringing their hands, hoping the student won't choose the expensive, out-of-state school. This hands-off approach leaves their kids in the gap-why are we so surprised to find the gap has been filled by college "diversity" activists? - Renee Lowe, Canton, Ill.


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