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Issue: "The Road to Damascus," Sept. 21, 2002


high profiling

47 | Officials of the Transportation Security Agency, created to manage the newly federalized airport security force, will spend the fall months explaining to Congress their proposed profiling system for airline passengers. TSA hopes to absorb every passenger's reservation, authenticate his identity, check for matches with lists of suspected terrorists, and then create a profile of who each passenger is and whether he is "rooted" in the United States. Congress and the White House are apparently going to fight over creation of the Department of Homeland Security. White House aides call it the fall's "galactic battle." The author of the Senate's homeland-security bill, Sen. Joe Lieberman, is pressing to meet union demands that nobody gets demoted or fired for incompetence. The AFL-CIO is spending advertising dollars claiming Republican demands for "management flexibility" are nothing other than code language for taking away basic labor rights. But Democrats won't want to head home to campaign if they've failed to approve legislation to protect the country from future attack.


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