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Issue: "Tools of a tyrant," Aug. 10, 2002


small consolation (54 points)

54 Points | In the aftermath of Israel's missile attack killing 15 civilians as well as Hamas commander Salah Shehadeh, a key figure behind suicide bombings, Palestinians demanded revenge. Hamas claimed responsibility for a July 31 bombing at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which killed seven, including five Americans. Palestinian militants began their revenge spree by killing four people in an ambush of two cars in the city of Hebron. Jewish settlers also took anger out on Palestinians, killing a 14-year-old Palestinian girl as she stood near the doorway of her third-story apartment as a funeral procession for an Israeli soldier crept through the city streets. Before the latest outbreak of violence, both sides tried peace offerings. Israel granted 5,000 more work permits to Palestinians and turned over withheld Palestinian tax revenue. Palestinian officials said they would renew their offer to end civilian attacks despite the assassination of Mr. Shehadeh.


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