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Issue: "When liberals seize a state," Aug. 31, 2002

Go and do likewise

My 5-year-old son's face lit up when he went to our mailbox and saw John Smoltz's picture on the cover of WORLD ("The closer," Aug. 3). A serious baseball fan and Braves supporter, he sat (still!) and listened to every word of the article. I was thrilled to read it to him and then be able to say, "Here's a guy who plays for the glory of God and uses his talent and resources to further the kingdom ... go and do likewise." Thanks so much for sharing Mr. Smoltz's story. - Lisa Kelly, Charlotte, N.C.


The moral outrage over civilian deaths (including children) exhibited by Arabs in Gaza and even by some U.S. officials seems somewhat hypocritical ("This is American damage," Aug. 3). Shehadeh, one must recall, was the leader of a movement that trains small children to hate Israel, encourages them to mimic suicide bombers, idolizes martyrdom, and espouses the destruction of Jewish civilians including children.- Timothy F. Murray, Dublin, N.H.

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You write that Israel is using American arms to "further a bloody campaign neither side seems willing to resolve, peacefully or otherwise." What more could Israel do to ensure peace that they have not done? From what I can see, there is one side that would desperately like peace, and one side that seems to think that Hitler didn't kill enough Jews. If we had the problems here that the Israelis deal with every day, I would wonder if we would have the amazing restraint that the Israelis have shown. Somehow I doubt it. - Mike McKinley, Decatur, Ga.

While reading "This is American damage," I had to check the bottom of the page to be sure I was reading WORLD. Israel had the right to kill the man who headed the military wing of Hamas. The killing of civilians at the same time is a bad but necessary part of war. - Nathan Vieth, Martell, Neb.

Just say yes

Thank you for "Alaskan opportunity" (July 27). I found it well-reasoned, informed, and balanced. Unfortunately the other side of this debate has reduced ANWR to a poster child for their demands and worldview. Just saying no to drilling in ANWR belittles the technological advances that greatly reduce the environmental impact of oil production and renders us vulnerable to Middle Eastern suppliers. - Hans Helmerich, Tulsa, Okla.

I agree with Mr. Olasky's column on drilling for oil in ANWR. When God created our world, in His foreknowledge He also created enough resources to see mankind through the allotted time given this earth. Thankfully, He also has blessed us with intelligence, ingenuity, and resourcefulness to harvest the richness of the earth in a sane, ecologically friendly manner. - Harvey Yoder, Spruce Pine, N.C.

We're not just addicted to Saudi oil, we're addicted to oil, period. It seems to me that you don't cure an addiction by simply finding another plentiful source. Plentiful sources feed an addiction. And since when is feeding such a gluttonous, wasteful, ostentatious, polluting addiction good stewardship? - Joe Schieffelin, Denver, Colo.

David vs. abortion

WORLD's report on the undercover work of Life Dynamics and the criminal activities of Planned Parenthood indicates that a new generation of pro-life activist is arising ("Sex, lies, and audiotape," July 27). Today these activists may look like David dressed up against the Goliath of the abortion industry, but tomorrow this tiny minority will be revered as the liberator of those unborn children systematically executed without cause under the protection of a confused and morally deficient generation. - Alan C. Handermann, Asheville, N.C.

I appreciate your magazine and recommend it to anyone who will listen, but I was disturbed by your cover headline: "Sex, lies, and audiotape." It is not appropriate for a Christian magazine. - Dan Poppe, Columbus, Neb.

Preachers doused

Andree Seu decries the lack of unique metaphors in today's preaching, but the reason most congregations are asleep is that there is little presence of the Holy Spirit in what passes for preaching today ("Wineskins and coffee cups," July 27). Words set ablaze by the Spirit command attention that even the most florid, but Spirit-less, preaching cannot touch. It is said of George Whitefield's preaching that people came to his revivals not to hear a message but to see a man on fire. - Dan Edelen, Mount Orab, Ohio


I was disappointed in your item noting that a "whopping" 531 congressional staffers earn more than $100,000 per year (FlashTraffic, July 20). Many people don't realize how expensive it can be to live in the D.C. area. Unless one expects a congressional staffer's spouse to have to work outside the home to make ends meet, I think the salary is not too high. - Bruce Dingman, Westlake Village, Calif.


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