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Issue: "Summer Books 2002," July 7, 2002


Terrorist fireworks?

65 points | Independence Day was the focus of FBI national surveillance efforts to prevent holiday celebrations from becoming possible terrorist targets. FBI officials said they had no specific threat reports, but detainees at the U.S. navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have made general references to the national holiday. Local police moved to establish heavily fortified perimeters around parties at national landmarks, as well as keeping watch at airports and other transportation centers. At the White House, staff and journalists were evacuated for 15 minutes on June 19 when a single-engine plane from Massachusetts entered restricted airspace and was escorted to Richmond by two F-16 fighter jets. Five days later, President Bush traveled to Port Elizabeth, N.J., the busiest port on the East Coast, for a campaign-style rally for the creation of a new Department of Homeland Security. Despite conservative reactions ranging from boredom to alarm, TeamBush hopes to make it the big domestic accomplishment of the president's second year.


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