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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Summer Books 2002," July 7, 2002

How providential that I read Joel Belz's column on the same day I read the late R.J. Rushdoony's remark that too many pastors and church leaders accept the Marxist view of the "separation of church and state." They refuse to discuss "political" subjects like abortion, homosexuality, or euthanasia from the pulpit claiming, he wrote, "the name of orthodoxy for their confusion, cowardice, and heresy." He added that because there are no limits to God's sovereignty, there "can then be no limits to the areas of the church's witness, its preaching, and its commanded concern." In my opinion, Focus on the Family is basically right and Cal Thomas is basically wrong on this issue. - Marshall Pierson, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Separate showers?

I found "Gay authority" in your June 1 issue quite interesting, particularly as I have found myself increasingly uncomfortable taking a shower at my health club, which does not discriminate based upon one's sexual orientation. In fact, based upon the conversations in the locker room, I no longer consider taking a shower there an option. I have to wonder if it is time for those who suggest that homosexuality is normal behavior to fund the construction of either individual showers or separate locker rooms for those of differing sexual orientation in all our schools and health clubs. Swarthmore College officials would more likely make all shower and locker rooms available to everyone. - Keith Moore, Kenmore, Wash.

Tapped off

As per Andree Seu's tongue-in-cheek invitation, I am taking a leisurely moment to send a couple of ideas for staying not-busy ("Death by detail," June 1). Find the source of the flood of details and turn the tap off; taps may include cable TV, the daily newspaper, video games, and any pets without a family sponsor. Avoid puppy-sized time consumers that grow into monsters, like ministry opportunities for "only a couple of minutes" per week that require 60 hours of errands. Also, question what you "owe" to your mother, father, husband, children, and neighbors. For example, I don't owe any visitor a clean house half as much as I owe them an open house and open ears. - T.C. Epperson, San Antonio, Texas

Get involved

The public-school educators in your June 1 "Dopey awards" column certainly deserve their nominations, but as the wife of a teacher I take exception to the attitude behind the award. Those interested in truly changing the face of public education should instead pray for these teachers, who must deal with many students from troubled families, keep up with their children's textbooks, and show teachers some respect. Also, they should attend local school-board meetings, call your legislators, and write letters to the editor of the local newspaper regarding school issues, and stand up for Christian values. - Janet Bayless, Camdenton, Mo.

Now, the truth

What do Yuri Gagarin, Carl Sagan, and Stephen Jay Gould have in common? They are former atheists who now know the truth. Each has met the Creator face to face ("The Gould standard," June 1). - George T. Thompson, Gonzales, La.

Call of the mentor

In February I heard James Dobson speak about the struggle children face today in single-parent families, public school, and in a world where Satan is thriving. In April I heard the same message from Janet Parshall. Three weeks ago I promised the vice principal at our local middle school that "I'll call you Monday" about their mentoring program. Last night I read Mr. Belz's May 18 column, "Step in for the missing man." Today I have just come from the middle school. I meet with "my child" tomorrow. - Martha J. Parks, Princess Anne, Md.


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