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Issue: "Summer Books 2002," July 7, 2002

Man knows not his time

Kenneth S. Kantzer, a towering but humble figure on the evangelical theological scene for decades, died on June 20 following surgery for injuries suffered in a fall in Victoria, British Columbia. He was 85. The genial Harvard-educated theologian taught at Wheaton College, was dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) 1963-78, editor of Christianity Today 1978-82, and professor and administrator at Trinity College and TEDS 1982-90. Under his leadership as dean, TEDS grew from a small denominational school (Evangelical Free Church) to become a large seminary with worldwide influence. His writings and teaching helped to shape the modern evangelical movement. Said veteran church history professor John D. Woodbridge: "Along with Dr. [Carl F.H.] Henry, Dr. Kantzer helped generations of young theologians understand that they could and should serve Christ with their minds and not yield to prevalent forms of anti-intellectualism abroad in conservative Protestantism." | Edward E. Plowman


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