The State of the world

"The State of the world" Continued...

Issue: "Global shame," June 15, 2002

"My view is that every innocent life lost is one life too many," he told an agitated group in Beirut, which included a representative from the terrorist group Hezbollah. "We must all get our houses in order." In Damascus when it was his turn he asked a similar gathering, "How can I reconcile a message of peace and tolerance, which I am hearing from everyone here today, with what we know about countries in the Muslim world that do not support religious tolerance ... countries which provide active financial assistance to extreme Islamists around the world?" The Muslim and Christian leaders said little publicly to help him. But a Syrian television station afterward found itself compelled to devote an hour to telling Mr. Napier's story, so surprised were producers to find a victim of terrorism who would willingly show up in a terrorist-sponsoring state.

And so the big stage is where the watching world will always focus. But everyone knows that wars end and peace begins where sons (and daughters) hit the trenches not only to fight but to soften hardship, turn a cheek, and spread good news.


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