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Issue: "Bureaucratic burial," June 29, 2002

Presbyterians asked to hear the 'silent scream'

Despite news media assertions to the contrary, partial-birth abortions aren't rare, says Dr. Jean Wright, who teaches pediatrics at Atlanta's Emory School of Medicine. "People thought it was 500 a year," she told more than 200 listeners at a meeting sponsored by Presbyterians Pro-Life at this month's annual general assembly of the 2.5-million-member Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). "Probably the best statistics put it in the neighborhood of 16,000 a year." These abortions of unborn children-typically five to seven months following conception-are matters of grave moral concern, she said. From 20 weeks on, these pre-born babies can feel pain; such children destroyed in a partial-birth abortion, the physician said, let out a "silent scream." There's almost no medical reason for late-term abortions: "There's new information" that warrants "another look at the issue" by denominational policymakers. | Edward E. Plowman


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