City limits

"City limits" Continued...

Issue: "Global shame," June 15, 2002

Armed forces even now are proving their adaptability on the battlefield against 21st-century pirates. Information transported to a fighter crew via floppy disk during the Gulf War is now downloaded straight to the cockpit and can be updated minute by minute. Targeting may come from the screen or a lone spotter on the ground.

Combat experience is providing soldiers daily opportunities to extemporize. U.S. Special Forces Sgt. Matt Linehart took to the hills in Afghanistan on a horse with a wooden saddle, packing a satellite phone, GPS receiver, laser designator, night-vision goggles, and an M-16. He called in repeated rounds of successful airstrikes and then called in a list of resupplies: ammo, oats, Vaseline-and a leather saddle.

Mindy Belz
Mindy Belz

Mindy travels to the far corners of the globe as senior editor of WORLD Magazine and lives with her family in the mountains of western North Carolina. Follow Mindy on Twitter @mcbelz.


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