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Issue: "Mounting a defense," May 25, 2002


I love WORLD, but I found your cover illustration of "Osama bin Ashcroft" to be extremely offensive. To put a great Christian man like John Ashcroft anywhere near a murderer and terrorist like bin Laden is a horrible affront. - Richard Larson, Orland, Calif.

Thanks for the May/June special issue. It's a keeper. It would be interesting to hear John Ashcroft's reaction to the cover illustration. It is terrific. I particularly enjoyed the section on how conservative Christians should respond to media bias. - J.C. Stewart, Bartlesville, Okla.

Critical issues

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Your special issue is outstanding. I intend to introduce it to my family in our homeschool. The historical information is highly relevant, stimulating, and important. It is critical that we teach our children the Christian worldview and the fallacy in the common argument that all religions are the same ("Misinterpreting U.S. history," "Misinterpreting Islamic history"). - Robert Silva, Folsom, Calif.

"How to respond" in the latest special issue is very interesting, but I believe the greater problem is to get conservative Christians to truly believe these ideas. Many who label themselves "conservative" Christians do not embrace the total depravity of man, are fighting the war against flesh and blood, are divisive (even among their own camps), and are often discontent and pessimistic. Until they recover the historical and biblical roots of their faith, any answers they give to the world will be mere fluff, no matter how eloquent they may be. - Stephen Dechert, Hooper, Colo.

I love WORLD, but the fact that the media and other elites continue to demonize fundamentalist Christians like Attorney General John Ashcroft is not news. The media will never treat Christians fairly. - John S. Adams, Cleveland, N.Y.

"The greatest spin ever sold" is a great article. Thank you so much for standing on godly principles. One of my family members gives me a subscription to Newsweek and I give him a subscription to WORLD. Keep up the good words. -Jeanie Pemberton, Lewisville, Texas

Your "Osama bin Ashcroft?" and "Clergy sexual abuse: the Protestant problem" (March 30) issues have been "light onto the darkness." I pray that you will continue to be so. These are the types of issues that make me continue to be an unpaid sales rep for World. - Waldemar Grafals, Little Rock, Ark.

Compassion in Clio

Thank you for pointing out the compassion of the Montague family in Clio, Mich. ("The other America," April 27). To see them not only care for their own son, but for others with cerebral palsy, is a great statement about what"s going on here in America. Thank you for speaking up for a whole group of people who serve Christ through helping people with disabilities. - William J. Amstutz, Union Grove, Wis.

Scriptural insanity

Andree Seu masterfully handled the issue of the insanity plea ("The insanity muddle," April 20). This defense is one of man's attempts to thwart biblical justice and to "free" mankind from personal accountability for sin. Man then becomes a slave to the passions doled out by his depraved soul. - Jon Whitmer, West Olive, Mich.

Andree Seu has done much splendid work, but "The insanity muddle" must be confronted. She writes that the responsibility for mental illness is with the person involved. This is like saying that a man with appendicitis is suffering because he did not read the Decalogue frequently enough. Some dear friends who have been my patients have done terrible things because of the all-pervasive reality of a delusional system. - Charles A. Neff, Lebanon, Pa.


I"m glad you published "Camping out" (April 20). We need to be kept informed about false prophets and their teachings, and test what radio preachers teach against the Bible. - Brad Vaughn, Cincinnati, Ohio

Front to back

From front to back, your May/June special issue, "Osama bin Ashcroft?" encouraged me. As a law student at a well-known East Coast state university, I weep daily in frustration and pain to see how out of touch and foolish some of our nation's brightest and most educated elite have become. Worse yet, they educate younger minds (like mine) into the same intellectual and academic dishonesty they have perfected. Christians or conservatives who want to engage in honest conversation or friendly debate over any of the current issues must be "wise as serpents and harmless as doves." This is always difficult, but it helps to know some astute, godly people are watching and carefully reporting the same things I'm seeing. - Rachel Tripp, Glouster City, N.J.


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