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Issue: "Osama's witnesses," May 18, 2002

Character counts

In response to the April 20 cover story, "The long road to D.C.," I can attest to the fact that Jim Talent of Missouri is equipped to run against the sympathy vote for Jean Carnahan, widow of former senate candidate Mel Carnahan. Some years ago my young son and I were invited to the Talent family holiday table as orphan and widow. You see, Mr. and Mrs. Talent live out the "humility that comes from wisdom." Thanks to WORLD for the timely information to voters on these candidates of character. - Marcia Meyers, Sunbury, Ohio

Oslo, doh!

Thank you, WORLD, for your courage and wisdom. But I chuckled when I read in your April 20 cover story that in Albert Lea, Minn., "the membership rolls at Elks Lodge 813 still read like the Stockholm phone book: Stensrud, Bjerke, ... Overgaard." I am acquainted with folks who have those names, and those family names come from Norway ("Ja, you betcha!"), not Sweden. - Robert Erling Samuelsen, Thornton, Pa.

Going Camping

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Thank you for your tasteful column on Harold Camping's selective theology and the escapist road many Christians are taking in opting not to attend church ("Camping out," April 20). - Katherine Peacocke, Santa Rosa, Calif.

My last pastorate was rural and Family Radio was the only "Christian" station I could receive at night. The music was enjoyable, but I shall never forget Mr. Camping's call-in show where he routinely advised people, many emotional and at times in tears, inquiring about salvation and being told that what they did in this regard would be of no effect if they had not been "chosen." His advice to so many hurting and seeking people made me, at times, weep. In calling Mr. Camping "just another liberal theologian," you are being most generous. His ministry seems to be one of sowing confusion and false doctrine. - William D. Erving, Hot Springs, Va.

Gene Edward Veith is not entirely fair to Harold Camping. Yes, he does say flatly that Christians should stay out of "corporate body" churches and rely entirely on the "latter rain" of electronic ministries, including the Internet. But Mr. Camping would hardly endorse the lazy man's vision of sleeping in on Sundays. He still insists that Sunday is the proper Christian Sabbath, and he would be the first to remind people of their continuing obligations of charity, witness, service, and accountability. - Terry A. Hurlbut, Short Hills, N.J.

I'm glad to see someone in the Christian media finally speaking out about this guy who is definitely "camped out." My church and two other churches in our community have lost some members to this heresy. - Ken Harris, Placerville, Calif.

The exception

Marvin Olasky wrote about the "little if any intellectual support" that Christian university students receive ("Day into night," April 20). This is generally true, but I have run into many Christian people and organizations at my public university (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) who have provided intellectual support with a scriptural basis. For many students this is the time in life when the reality of God's presence in our lives reveals itself and begins to make an eternal difference. - Calvin D. Freitas, Lincoln, Neb.

Taking a risk

Your March 30 cover story ("Clergy sexual abuse: the protestant problem") was shocking, yet this issue must be exposed. On March 17 we sadly walked away from our beloved church home after it had been devastated by the consequences of our pastor's hidden sin. We cringed at the thought of the reality of the accusations, but we know the truth sets us free. Your article confirmed that this is not an isolated problem. Thanks for taking a risk and taking a stand. - Michael & Lori McMullen, Spring, Texas

I strongly object to "Clergy sexual abuse," not because you exposed sexual sin in the church but because of the very graphic descriptions. Was this really necessary? - Andy Murphy, Littleton, Colo.

As one who has suffered as those in WORLD's article on clergy sexual abuse have suffered, I thank you for printing it. If one person can be helped, it was worth it. I was so glad to read that Campus Crusade changed their position on having Mr. Cross as a speaker ("'Breaking faith' update," April 13). - Nancy Young, Phoenix, Ariz.

Insanity pro & con

Andree Seu's "The insanity muddle" (April 20) was refreshing. In our "psychological culture," we need more voices interested in the reality of sin and the truth of grace. It seems that many are more willing to follow the complicated path of "scientific" rationalization rather than submit to the Word of God. - Ken Montgomery, San Francisco, Calif.


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