Another Clarence Thomas?

"Another Clarence Thomas?" Continued...

Issue: "Osama's witnesses," May 18, 2002

Senate Democrats vow to obstruct and oppose any Clarence clones regardless of race, and they point to several Clinton Latino nominees who languished in the Senate. But Ron Klain, a former Clinton White House lawyer and top Gore campaign aide, wrote to Sen. Leahy to laud Mr. Estrada as "an outstanding candidate who merits confirmation."

Latino activists are split on the nomination. The Latino Coalition and the Hispanic Business Roundtable are rallying in support, while liberal groups like the National Council of LaRaza and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund limited their activity to complaining that Republicans are using the issue to appear pro-Latino.

The Estrada nomination, with its immigrant success story, could gain traction as part of the fight for the burgeoning Latino vote. The first battleground could be in a Democratic Senate that is reflexively hostile to any conservative who might add a little philosophical diversity to the federal bench.


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