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Issue: "Highway 65 hopefuls," April 20, 2002

Good to know

I found "Foot in the door" very uplifting. With all the depressing news and trends that we hear about (and must keep up with as we fight the good fight in our modern culture), I was thrilled with hope reading Mr. Veith's article about conservative and Christian worldview materials in books, music, film, and entertainment. It is good to know that Christian voices are actually making it to the ears of a needy and lost world. Also, I am excited about Mr. Anschutz's plans for a movie production company because of our family policy of not viewing R-rated movies at all and being very selective about the rest. I have four children who have to grow up and live in this world (in which views will be shaped by TV, movies, books, and music) and will be trying to reach it for Christ. They will need all the "cultivating of the soil" that they can get. - Debra Short, Lexington, Va.

Second opinion

Okay, Arsenio Orteza is not optimistic about the value and impact of CCM ("Remains of the day," March 23). Can we get a second opinion for this patient? Can we say anything for being able to expose our kids to music and lifestyles that will influence them for good and not evil during impressionable times in their lives? If only for that, CCM serves a godly purpose. - Janice Scott, Tucker, Ga.

No way

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Krieg Barrie's illustrations consistently stop me in my tracks. I often check the credit, thinking there's no way one person could keep producing such arresting images in so many styles so frequently. Kudos from a fellow artist. - David Slonim, Chesterfield, Ind.

Hang on

Blessings to Andree Seu for another superb column ("Channel slumming" March 23). When we started homeschooling almost 18 years ago, we did not do it to "protect" our kids. Now, however, I freely admit that part of the reason we learn at home is to protect them. Maintaining innocence in kids today is like trying to walk them through a tornado -even in the church, unfortunately. - Barbara Wiedenbeck, Arlington, Wis.

Couldn't be more accurate

Regarding Andree Seu's "Channel slumming": A more accurate description of American entertainment couldn't have been made. - Warren Reeve, Fruitland, Idaho

Don't look back

Andree Seu wrote that the "family" TV show 7th Heaven was a "relatively benign teen drama." One day, however, I caught the last five minutes of the show and learned in that brief period that a woman was making a move on the father of the family just as another man was going after the mother. The oldest daughter and her boyfriend argue about whether she had had any "adult relationships" (they both soon admit to it) and the middle daughter is about to marry a boy because they "love" each other, as shown by several passionate kisses. At the end it seemed like no one would long be a virgin except the 10-year-old girl, who saw the parents having sex, and the baby twins. To top it all off, the father is a pastor and Christian counselor. This show is better than other dramas in what way? - Paul McClain, Asheville, N.C.

Past it

There is at least one on this planet besides Mrs. Seu who has actually never seen a Seinfeld episode, although I probably have surfed past it many times on the way to Law and Order reruns. Is TV a way to maintain cultural relevance or a "vile thing before my eyes"? As always, Andree Seu makes me think and chuckle with her delightful style. - Robert S. Berry, Greeneville, Tenn.


Andree Seu's March 23 column, "Channel slumming," should have cited the PBS documentary Merchants of Cool. The column included without attribution several phrases and insights. In the same column, the line, "I'm not that innocent," is from a Britney Spears song called "Oops! ... I Did It Again."

Tennyson wrote, "'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all" (March 30, p. 34). - The Editors

Be creators

Thanks for your insightful article, "Foot in the door" (March 23). Mr. Veith is right on the mark. It seems that all too often we have settled for being critics of the culture and not creators. And as it has been said, "It's easier to be a critic than an author." Thanks for recognizing that in an ever-coarsening society, there is an appetite for higher ideals. Let's pray and ask God to raise up more people who are committed to Christ and influencing the culture through beautifully written and crafted creations that point to the Creator. - Bruce A. Schultz, Wayzata, Minn.


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