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Highway hopefuls

"Highway hopefuls" Continued...

Issue: "Highway 65 hopefuls," April 20, 2002

"No one has any idea what Jean Carnahan stands for or what she's done for them as a senator," Mr. Thomas continues. "But voting against her would be like voting against your own grandmother. It's tough to run against Grandma, especially if she keeps reminding everyone how much she misses Grandpa."

Immigrants in Minnesota, hog farms in Iowa, "Grandma" in Missouri-the issues along Highway 65 may not be statistically representative, but they illustrate how different politics can be once candidates venture outside the Beltway that rings Washington, D.C. Republicans desperately need at least one win here to regain control of the Senate, but where they might pick it up is anybody's guess. Along the campaign trail-as on Highway 65 itself-there are plenty of dangerous curves ahead.

Bob Jones on Highway 65
Bob Jones on Highway 65


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